Invest in Your Business: Blogger’s Guide to Pitching Brands

The Blogger's Guide to Pitching Brands for Products and Cash | Oh, She Blogs!

There’s a certain irony in me posting about something you can buy to improve your blog right on the heels of my (epically long) post about how to start a blog for free. While it is entirely possible to start a blog without spending money – and yes, to even make money on your free blog – I do recommend investing money back into your blog as you start to make money. I especially recommend investing in educational tools that will teach you how to do something that doesn’t come naturally to you or for which you have no experience.

Personally, I know a lot about blogging in general and affiliate marketing. When it comes to things like social media, however, I invest in courses and books to help get my skills up to snuff. I learned everything I know about Pinterest from Pinfinite Growth and the next thing on my personal blogging wish list is to learn more about Facebook ads.

One aspect of blogging I am incredibly bad at, however, is both promoting myself and reaching out to brands. Part of the reason I started my first blog is because I wanted the freedom to write what I wanted to write on my own schedule. I didn’t want to be beholden to anyone and that’s why I fell in love with affiliate marketing. I could recommend the products I loved without any sort of deadline and without owing anything to the companies. In fact, I was blogging for years before I reached out to a brand for the first time and while I’m getting better about it, pitching is definitely not one of my strong suits.

I have seen a few classes that bloggers have promoted about pitching brands, and I’ve even attended a webinar around this topic, but the price was always too steep for me to commit. Considering I really just wanted to be pointed in the right direction and maybe receive a template for a pitch letter, a couple hundred dollars was always out of my price range.

Luckily, I found something that’s super affordable and packed with helpful information.

Blogger’s Guide to Pitching Brands for Products and Cash

The Blogger's Guide to Pitching Brands for Products and Cash

The Blogger’s Guide to Pitching Brands for Products and Cash was written by Krystel Spell, a longtime blogger at, and it is full of invaluable information about how to reach out to brands. I bought it on a whim but it has proven to be everything I could have wanted and more… and it costs just $15!

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