Why You Need to Stop Reading Blogging Income Reports

Why you need to stop reading blogging income reports | Oh, She Blogs!

Over the past couple of years, a trend has emerged where bloggers have begun sharing blogging income reports. I’m going to be frank about this: I give this practice major side-eye and generally don’t recommend reading them at all.

I DO believe it is beneficial for bloggers to track their income from month-to-month to see how and where their income is growing and what they can do better. It can be fun to look back at how your blog has grown fiscally and to reminisce about the days when you were first starting out.

But sharing a full rundown each month of what you’re making and how? Nope, nope, nope. And you’ll get quadruple the number of nopes from me if you’re sharing your report on a blog that otherwise has nothing to do with blogging. Unless other bloggers are your primary audience, what is the point of sharing your income with your readers? It’s weird, unnecessary, and likely doesn’t fit your niche.

I’m all for transparency in blogging. I wish that bloggers would help one another more and share their blogging techniques, sponsored post rates, their PR contacts, the themes they’re using (or the themes that were a disaster) and even basics like their statistics. But as for the actual dollars and cents, I just don’t get it. Maybe that makes me old school, but people generally don’t sit around talking about how much money they’re making each day. So when did that become “a thing” in blogging?

Here’s why I think blogging income reports are stupid: What works for one blogger isn’t going to work for another blogger. An opportunity that presented itself last month may not present itself this month. Any two bloggers are not the same, so an opportunity that is available for one isn’t going to be available for another. What works in one niche won’t work in another niche. I can go on and on.

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