Finding Inspiration in Dan Rather’s Facebook Success

What bloggers can learn from Dan Rather and his newfound Facebook success | Oh, She Blogs!

My college degree is more or less in journalism. Technically, it’s in English, but considering I spent an average of 40-60 hours per week (if not more) at the University of Michigan’s student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, I learned far more about journalism than I ever did about English literature. Because of my own history, I tend to view bloggers as solo journalists who become experts in whatever fields they write about.

Of course, traditional journalists typically have to follow some pretty heavy guidelines with all of their reporting, while bloggers and social media influencers often have the freedom to make the rules up as they go. Former anchorman Dan Rather has recently made the jump from traditional journalist to social media influencer, which is a trajectory that I wouldn’t be surprised to see more journalists following over the coming years.

Dan Rather shares some great tips for influencers via a recent interview.I recently learned about the Facebook page launched by Dan Rather, and it has become one of my favorite things to read online. The almost 85-year-old has reported most of the world’s biggest news stories during his time, and while he has remained active in the media since stepping down from CBS News in 2005, he started his Facebook page because he wanted a more direct line of communication to share his thoughts and observations. Personally, I find that his posts are almost always long, well-written, very well thought-out and worth the time to read. (Also, I have a chuckle every time he mentions wanting to snack on Frito’s because those just so happen to be my dad’s favorite snack as well but they’re not a snack food you see mentioned very often anymore.)

Dan Rather gave an interview to The Daily Beast about his new-found social media success and I thought the article included more than a few tidbits that bloggers can use as they navigate their own paths. The entire article is obviously worth a read, but here are some highlights and what I took away from them:

Blogging Inspiration from Dan Rather

“If I’m to have any voice at all in this, I’m gonna have to find a new way to do it.”

Always find a way to stand out. What can you do that other bloggers/influencers aren’t doing?

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