The CJ Content Certified Program is a MUST for Bloggers

Why all bloggers need to get CJ Content Certified ASAP | Oh, She Blogs!

We are all at different parts of our affiliate marketing journey, but did you know that affiliate marketing isn’t for bloggers? That’s right. Affiliate marketing has been around almost as long as the internet but it wasn’t designed for content creators. That’s why you will start getting inundated with deals and coupons when you start registering for affiliate programs. Those “ads” are great for affiliate sites like Ebates or Retailmenot, but unless you’re a deal blogger they’re probably not working out so well for you.

Unfortunately, most affiliate networks and programs still don’t cater to bloggers. But, CJ is one affiliate network that’s working to fix that and actively encourages their advertisers to work better with content creators.

CJ Content Certified

The way they’re doing this is through the CJContent Certified program, which launched last year.

CJ Content Certified Perks

• Most (if not all) advertisers offer increased commissions to bloggers who are content certified.

• Advertisers agree to not be jerks. It’s not uncommon for advertisers to cut people out of their programs if they’re not performing. Advertisers that want to work with bloggers who are content certified agree to not cut bloggers from their programs if they’re not being written about constantly.

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