Privacy and Disclosure Policies: Everything You Need to Know

Privacy and Disclosure Policies: All the rules that bloggers need to know | Oh, She Blogs!

If you’re starting a new blog you’re probably most looking forward to putting pen to paper putting fingers to keyboard and writing your first post. That’s the best part of blogging, right? Sharing your thoughts and maybe even getting paid to do so!

However, before you start the fun stuff, there are a couple of housekeeping items that you need to take care of immediately. One of the first pages on your blog should be an About Page, and we’ve already talked about how to set up a successful About Page since that’s the page that’s literally going to be your introduction to your readers.

If you plan on making money from your blog, be it through affiliate marketing, advertising, or any of the other ways that bloggers make money, then the second and third pages on your site should be your privacy and disclosure policies.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Read on for all of the details.

What You Need to Know About Privacy and Disclosure Policies

Privacy Policies

If you are planning on collecting any sort of data from your readers, such as their email addresses so you can send them a newsletter, then you need to have a Privacy Policy on your site.

Some ad networks, such as Google AdSense, REQUIRE a Privacy Policy, which should tell you how important this is.

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