RewardStyle Application Denied? Here are 10 Alternatives to RewardStyle

10 Must-Use Alternatives to RewardStyle | Oh, She Blogs!

Over the past couple of years, RewardStyle has become the go-to site for new fashion bloggers wanting to make money from their sites, but what many don’t realize is that there are alternatives to RewardStyle. Don’t get me wrong: There are many pros to using RewardStyle for monetization, including:

  • Easy to find products
  • Hundreds of advertisers are listed in one easy-to-use interface
  • Easy implementation of widgets on your website make it easy to link to all of the items in a photo
  • Tweet or post your favorite items to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (with affiliate links attached) at the click of a button

While there are quite a few pros to RewardStyle, there are also quite a few negatives – and I say this as a RewardStyle publisher myself. Some of the negatives include:

  • They don’t accept everyone into the network – and I’m sure RewardStyle rejects far more applications than they accept
  • The network frequently touts “best” practices, which can lead to homogenization of blog content (seriously – RewardStyle must receive a million dollar bonus for every blogger they get to post about any sale at Nordstrom)
  • Percentage earned from each brand is often unclear
  • The most attention is paid to the highest-earning publishers

One of my main issues with RewardStyle is the first bullet point in the list of negatives: They don’t accept everyone. Granted, that’s their prerogative, but it worries me that new bloggers will get rejected from RewardStyle and then think they can’t monetize their blogs. Nothing could be further from the truth, but with all of the chatter about RewardStyle it might seem like that’s the only way to monetize.

Overall, I generally don’t recommend RewardStyle for new bloggers and I personally use it sparingly. I use it on the rare occasion when I want to talk about brands I don’t have other affiliate relationships with and I also use some of their widgets. Thankfully, I don’t have to depend on RewardStyle as my sole source of affiliate income and here’s the thing: You don’t have to either!

There are many alternatives to RewardStyle! I encourage EVERYONE to check out other affiliate marketing options, even if you are very active with RewardStyle.

As with most things, it’s best to diversify. What if RewardStyle shut its doors tomorrow? This wouldn’t be unprecedented, as affiliate networks (like the one Google once ran) and even supposedly stable ad and influencer networks (like Mode) shut down. I’m certainly not saying that’s going to happen to RewardStyle, but I’d hate for anyone to suddenly be unable to make money from their blogs. As I’ve said before, if blogging is your business, you should always have a backup plan. And then a back-up plan to the back-up plan because this is a constantly evolving business. Working with a range of affiliate marketing networks, instead of just one, can only help your business.

RewardStyle did NOT start the affiliate marketing movement. Whether you were rejected from RewardStyle or are just looking for alternatives to RewardStyle, I promise that there are many other companies that will help you make money from your blog.

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