10 Things All Serious Bloggers Do

10 Things All Serious Bloggers Do | Oh, She Blogs!

Is your blog not quite where you need it to be?

Are you trying to figure out what you need to do to improve your blogging efforts?

If so, today is your lucky day because I’m going to walk you through the 10 best practices that serious bloggers employ.  If you see one (or a few) things on this list that you need to improve, don’t let it get you down. Instead, celebrate the fact that you have recognized something that you can do to whip your blog into shape.

Are you ready to get serious? Let’s go!

10 Things All Serious Bloggers Do

Establish a Niche

One of the most basic oversights that many bloggers make is not establishing a clear niche. So often we fool ourselves into believing that we can talk about any and everything.


Don’t get me wrong, you totally can. However, you can’t blog about everything under the sun and expect your ideal reader to find you. The reality is that we all go to specific blogs for specific things. If I’m looking for great recipes to try out, I am most likely going to find myself over at Damn Delicious because her recipes are damn delicious and I know I can count on her for that. If I’m looking for a Harry Potter fix, I head to Pottermore. If I’m looking for pretty printables to help me stay on track with my fitness goals, I run to Fit Life Creative.

I think you get the picture. We are attracted to sites that fit a specific purpose. We remember those sites. We bookmark them. That’s what you want your readers to do. You want them to think of you when they think of (fill in the blank). So take some time to get really clear on what you want to be known for. That, my friend, is your niche. That is what you should focus on.

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