Let’s Work Together

I’ve been blogging for a long time now and while I love the freedom that blogging has afforded me, there’s something that I actually love even more: Helping others achieve their blogging goals. 

Blogging can be tough. Making money from blogging is tougher still. Continuing to blog when traffic is low or you’ve got a case of writer’s block is the toughest yet. I’ve been there, believe me. I blogged on various sites, including my main site – ShopGirlDaily.com – for 7 years before taking the leap to start this site and I can honestly say I’ve seen all of the highs and lows of blogging. I’ve also experienced nearly everything in terms of ways to make money blogging, working with advertisers, setting up and running social media, brand partnerships, blogging daily – if not hourly, and everything in-between.

I started this site because I wanted to build a platform to help bloggers achieve their goals, and the continuation of this is to work directly with any of you who are looking for some extra guidance to get started or encouragement to work toward whatever your blogging goals may be.


• Get a new blog set up on Blogger or WordPress

• Start applying to affiliate networks and decide which programs to join

• Write blog posts using affiliate links

• Share affiliate links on social media

• Learn more about how to best monetize your blog

… or anything in-between.

Why You should work with me

I have been blogging for a long time and am pretty much ancient in blogging years. I launched my first blog – FantabulouslyFrugal.com, now ShopGirlDaily.com – on a whim one weekend back in March of 2009 and after lots of hard work and almost non-stop writing, I was able to quit my day job as a dean of admission at an elite boarding school and began blogging full-time in 2013. Over the years I've launched (and closed, in some cases) many blogs. I've attended blogging conferences. I've made money through myriad advertising networks, affiliate networks, and influencer networks. I know this industry inside and out based on my experience within it and also because I spend way too much of my free time reading about blogging, learning about new plugins/widgets/themes, and taking online blogging-related courses.

I have the experience to help you accomplish your blogging goals, but I also just love helping bloggers. I am always willing to lend a helping hand to bloggers who reach out to me personally and you'll often find me offering support to fellow bloggers in the seemingly hundreds of blogging-related Facebook groups I've joined. Simply put: I love watching other bloggers succeed and doing whatever I can to help make it happen.

WHat others are saying

Danielle Pientka

Though these benefits will likely increase exponentially as I apply Lisa’s lessons to future blog posts, I have seen the following changes already:

  • My followers on Twitter and Facebook increased by 400-500.
  • My Alexa rank went from 2.4 million to currently 245,000 (lower is better).
  • I was linked with a resource for reviewing products on my blog and have begun doing reviews.
  • I have begun to see companies contact me directly for opportunities.
  • I have been linked with some blogging supports that will allow me to continue my growth, including specifically related to my blog’s goals.
  • I’ve begun to see a slight increase in payout from Google Adsense.
Cheryl Hanson Leahy

Lisa is exactly the type of person I love to work with. Constructive suggestions as opposed to criticism, specific examples of actionable items as opposed to general observations, and truly focusing on me and what my brand stands for. I would highly recommend using Lisa to revamp your blog, open the door to producing revenue, and have a partner who supports your goals!

All Dressed Up With Nothing to Drink...

Let’s get started!

self-hosted WordPress Blog set-up

If you're ready to launch your blog and you're ready to do it right the first time, I'm the gal that can help you get it done! 

Together we will create your self-hosted WordPress-based website. I will guide you through purchasing your domain (if necessary) and getting set up with your web host. My preferred hosting company is GreenGeeks for myriad reasons, including that they are earth-friendly, have great uptime, and amazing customer service. We will choose a theme for your site and get it tailored to your specifications. I recommend StudioPress themes, which are some of the best in the business. I have an agency account and can get you a 50% discount on all of their themes. 

I will install all necessary plugins and teach you how to use WordPress so you can maintain it on your own.

Please note that while I am not a graphic designer, I can help you design a text-based logo. If you would like something more graphically intense, you will need to work with a designer on that portion. I can then take your designs and implement them into your site.

WordPress blog set-up packages start at $200, excluding hosting and theme costs.

Q4 Blog Coaching

Many bloggers report that they make the most money blogging during Q4. While I can't guarantee you any specific amount of income, what I can do is help make sure your blog is looking great for Q4, make holiday-related blog post suggestions that will resonate with your audience, provide a list of ideal affiliate opportunities and more. With this coaching package, you'll receive a questionnaire to start things off followed by a Skype call so we can start getting down to the nitty gritty. From there, I'll review your holiday-related blog posting and plans to help you come up with a Q4 game plan. I'll write out my suggestions, and follow them up with another Skype call. Finally, you'll have access to me via email for the rest of Q4.

My Q4 coaching package costs $175 and is only available for a limited time.


Within three to four business days of you registering for a blog critique (there are three different levels available depending on the type of support you want), I will send you a thorough write-up with some general suggestions for how you might improve your blog, as well as specific ideas for how you might monetize your blog, including specific posts that are perfect for affiliate links. I will include affiliate networks and programs that are ideal for the topics you write about, as well as advertising networks and any other opportunities that seem like a good fit for your specific blog.

Blog critiques start at $75.