How to Use Tailwind to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

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Is Tailwind on your list of things to tackle one day? With the amount of traffic that bloggers receive through Pinterest, learning how to use Tailwind should go to the very top of your to-do list. This short step-by-step Tailwind guide walks you through how to make the most of the program.

How to Use Tailwind to Explode Your Blog Traffic | Oh, She Blogs!

Are you spending too much time on your Pinterest marketing and not getting enough traffic to your blog to show for it? Maybe you find pinning to so many boards tedious, so you go days without pinning anything new? Or perhaps you think your content is good but you can’t seem to get it in front of the people who need the information most?

No matter your problems with Pinterest, you should know that the platform can be a gold mine of traffic for your blog. Many bloggers report that Pinterest is their #1 traffic source, especially for recipes, crafts, and how-to tutorial content.

With Tailwind, however, you don’t have to continue spending hours every day, manually pinning content from your blog. You don’t have to go searching for content from others that relates to your boards to repin. And the best thing about Tailwind? You can get more exposure for every pin you create!

Introduction to Tailwind

If you are ready to learn more about this fabulous Pinterest marketing tool, let me give you a little introduction. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that works well in automating the process of sharing, pinning and repinning content – both yours and other related posts/images/tutorials.

Tailwind is a Pinterest marketing partner, so it’s approved by the platform to use in your marketing efforts. Not many tools out there can proudly claim this relationship!


A Look Inside the Tailwind Tool

Tailwind Homepage

Unfortunately, Tailwind is not a free tool. It costs $15 per month or $119 if you pay for a year upfront. You can, however, get your first month free, which is great if you want to see if the tool is worth the expense to you. Tailwind Tribes, which we talk about below and are a MUST-USE tool for bloggers, are currently free for everyone!

Getting started with Tailwind is simple. Just connect your Pinterest account and get everything synced up. Then, you are ready to pin!

The Tailwind dashboard offers you a snapshot of your Pinterest efforts over the last seven days. You can see how many repins you have received, pins that have originated from your domain, and your most repinned boards.

You’ll also receive notifications if any of your boards are missing descriptions and other helpful tips to keep your Pinterest account working at the optimal level for your blog’s traffic. The menu to the left of your screen lets you navigate the different features of Tailwind.

How to Use Tailwind

Scheduling Pins with Tailwind

Let’s take a look at the “Publish” section of the Tailwind navigation menu.

Scheduling Pins with Tailwind

First, you will see the Drafts option. This lets you see any pins you started to create – or repin – using Tailwind but did not finish. Here, you can go in and add descriptions, choose boards to pin to, and schedule the content.

Scheduled Pins shows all of the content you have scheduled to go out to various boards. This will show your own content as well as any repins (or new pins) you have scheduled using Tailwind.

Scheduled Pins on Pinterest

To the right is an easy drag and drop menu that lets you change the order of your scheduled pins. You could also move them to different days if you want to space out the same pin, for instance.

Your Schedule shows you the times in which your pins are set to go out every day of the week. You can create this yourself at first. Over time, Tailwind will monitor your account’s activity to recommend specific times of the day in which your pins should be published. The recommended times are based on when your pins typically get the most traction.

Tailwind Pinning Schedule

The recommended time slots are white with a green dotted border. The ones in green are the times you are currently using for your schedule. To add in a recommended time, simply click it. It will turn green and become part of your schedule.

Board Lists are one of the best, most time-saving features of Tailwind. Say you pin a lot of recipes – your own and others you find on Pinterest. And, say you like to pin these to 8 personal recipe boards you have created as well as 15 group boards. Scheduling the same pin 23 times would get hectic really quickly!

Tailwind Boards

However, when you create a board list that contains ALL of your recipe boards, you can schedule all 23 of those pins at once!! More on that below…


Scheduling a Pin with Tailwind

Okay, let’s get to the actual scheduling. Before you start you will want to install the Tailwind browser extension to make your life even easier – as far as pinning is concerned, anyway.

Tailwind Safari Extension

You will see this button at the top of just about every page under the “Publish” section of Tailwind. The program automatically detects your browser so the button will download the correct extension you need. Simply click and install!

Now, you are ready to schedule pins right with Tailwind from any page on the web! When using the browser extension, you will notice a small “Schedule” button appears in the bottom left corner of any image when you hover over it with your cursor.

Tailwind Schedule Button

Once you click this button, Tailwind’s scheduler will pop up in a new window. From this window, you can choose the board(s) (or Board Lists) where you’d like to schedule each item. The board lists are featured at the top of your board drop down menu, with a star and number beside each to indicate how many boards are in the list.

Scheduling a pin in Tailwind

You can (and should) set an interval so the pins don’t all publish back to back. You can also send your pin to your Tailwind Tribes (more on that in a minute) before you hit the “Add to Queue” button at the bottom.


Tailwind Tribes

If all of the other convenient features of Tailwind aren’t enough to excite you, the Tribes feature definitely should! With Tailwind Tribes, you no longer have to spend time searching for related content to share on your boards. Pinterest likes to see a healthy balance of you pinning your own content versus other blogger’s content.

With the Tribes, you can find way more pins to share than you will EVER need, and, what’s even better is that you can share your own content in these groups for more exposure. Harness the power of other Pinterest users and their followings within Tailwind to gain more traffic to your blog!

Access the Tailwind Tribes using the left navigation menu. It’s just above the “Publish” option.

You will be taken to the Your Tribes dashboard where you can access each group you have joined. You will also see some quick tips for using Tribes. Navigate to a Tribe using the drop down menu at the top.

Each tribe has their own set of rules, so be sure you are following them to prevent being kicked out. Scroll through the pins that have been added to the group, scheduling those that would be a good fit for your Pinterest account audience.

Scheduling pins from a Tailwind Tribe

To schedule, simply choose a board beneath the pin image and click “Add to Queue”.

Remember to add each pin of your own to relevant Tribes as you schedule them for your queue, like we mentioned above!


How to Find Tailwind Tribes to Join

Unfortunately, Tailwind hasn’t added a search function to find Tribes related to your blog yet, but I have heard it’s in the works. In the meantime, however, there are other ways to find Tribes that are a good fit for your pins.

On Facebook, there is a Tailwind Tribes group that discusses many popular tribes for bloggers. Singing Through The Rain also has a list of 75 Tailwind Tribes to Join, with more listed in the comments of the post!

You can also join the just-launched Oh She Blogs Facebook Tribes! Please join the tribes that best align with your blog topics.


Oh, She Blogs Tailwind Tribes

Remember: Even if you don’t have an active Tailwind subscription you can still use Tailwind Tribes!

Blogging & Social Media Tribe – For any and all posts about blogging, social media, website design, etc.

DIY Tribe – Any and all DIY and crafting pins are welcome here

Fashion Tribe – Share your latest looks in this tribe

General Lifestyle Tribe – If your post doesn’t fit in any other tribe – or you just want to join another tribe – this is the place for you

Gift Guide Tribe – This might seem random, but with the holidays coming up, this is a place where you can post all of your holiday gift guides… and then share others that are of interest to you

Home Decor Tribe – Inspire all of us with your home design skills

Kids Tribe – Use this tribe for anything kid-related: school stuff, kid fashion, games, toys, etc.

Mom & Baby Tribe – This isn’t all that dissimilar to the kid tribe, except the focus here is on pregnancy, mom life, and babies

Recipes Tribe – The most dangerous tribe of all – share your drool-worthy recipes here

Travel Tribe – Share your travels with all of us


Tailwind is a must for bloggers

Tailwind has become a game changer for bloggers who want to explode their blog traffic generating from Pinterest. It shaves hours a week off your promotional strategy and makes it easy for you to harness the power of this network without all the time and effort!

Click here to activate your free trial of this Pinterest scheduler.

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Susan Velez

Hi Kecia,

Great tips on making the most of Tailwind. I’ve been using it for several months and couldn’t imagine trying to grow my blog without it.

I am always looking for some great Tribes that I can join.

Your guide will make it easy for someone new to get familiar with Tailwind as quickly as possible.

Thanks for sharing these tips with us have a great day 🙂