Grow Your Influence: How to Get Subscribers for YouTube

If you want to make money from your YouTube video, you’re going to need to find people who want to watch your videos. In this post, you’ll find a few tips on how to get subscribers for YouTube.


How to Get Subscribers for YouTube | Oh, She Blogs!


Thanks to the recently announced YouTube changes, small YouTubers will really need to focus on building their following. Not only do you need people to spend 4,000 hours a year viewing your content in order to be eligible to monetize your videos via the YouTube Partner Program, but you also need to have 1,000 subscribers.

Sounds intimidating, doesn’t?

It can definitely be overwhelming for a new YouTuber to think about reaching that many people. You’re obviously going to have to work at reaching more people, but it definitely isn’t impossible. Keep reading for a few tips on growing your following.

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Set It & Forget It: How to Use Tailwind’s Instagram Auto-Posting Feature

There have always been a lot of rules with Instagram, but they’re finally opening things up a bit by allowing things like Instagram auto-posting. Auto-posting, where you can line up all of your Instagram posts and have them publish on a schedule, is an amazing function that busy bloggers are going to love!   Hallelujah! After years of fighting it, Instagram is now working with some apps to allow auto-posting! With Instagram auto-posting, you will not only be able to pre-schedule your

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Curious about the Instagram Follow/Unfollow Method?

Here’s my deep dark secret: I don’t like social media. <gasp> What kind of blogger doesn’t like social media?! The truth of it is that I love blogging because I love writing and I love helping others – whether I’m helping them find a great deal or monetize their blogs, it’s all fun! I did not, however, get into blogging to put my personal life on display. I’m a private person and I live a fairly boring life so there’s

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How the YouTube Changes Will Affect Small YouTubers

Did you receive the letter detailing the upcoming changes to the YouTube monetization policy? It set a lot of people on edge, but here are some tips for moving forward and continuing to grow your channel despite the YouTube changes. On January 16, 2018, YouTubers were surprised to receive a letter detailing upcoming YouTube changes that will affect who is eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program, which is how many vloggers monetize their videos. 2017 was a rough year

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The Major Affiliate Networks Every Blogger Needs to Know

There are a lot of different ways bloggers can make money, although my favorite is, by far, affiliate marketing. We recently answered the question, “What is Affiliate Marketing?” so now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about the actual affiliate networks. After you’ve decided that you want to start using affiliate links on your site you have to decide first which programs you’d ideally like to work with and then begin the application process. There are many

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