Do You Want to be a Serious Blogger? Follow These Tips

People often don’t realize just how much work goes into blogging. You are a writer (and/or vlogger), photographer, graphic design whiz, and an SEO and promotional expert all rolled into one. It can be exhausting! Brands often forget that there are humans behind the green door, but we, too, forget that our contacts are real people, too. If you want to be a serious blogger, this post contains tips that will help you build better relations with the brands you want to promote.

Do you want to be a serious blogger? These tips will help you succeed | Oh, She Blogs!

I love blogging. I love encouraging people to start their own blogs. But, as a profession without any sort of rules or guidelines, people sometimes jump into blogging without realizing what goes into it, especially in terms of working with brands or public relations professionals.

I know that some brands and/or people that work in public relations are going to read my post about working with bloggers and think that I’m unfair or petty. I’m not perfect and I’ll admit to occasionally being petty, but I’m not unfair. When it comes to blogger relations, there are plenty of things that brands need to do better but there are also plenty of things that bloggers can do better.

If you want to be a serious blogger and have more opportunities for brand partnerships and brand collaborations, follow these tips.

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