The Ultimate Guide to Q4 for Bloggers: How to Make the Most Money During the Craziest Time of the Year

Q4 for bloggers that utilize affiliate marketing as a way to make money blogging is the best! Everyone is shopping, which means more money for you. Brands are typically generous, which means more money for you. Keep reading for tips to make the most during the most wonderful time of the year!

The Ultimate Guide to Q4 for Bloggers: How to make money during the busiest shopping season of the year | Oh, She Blogs!

The summer months can suck for bloggers because people just don’t want to be on their computers. (Not that I can blame them!) The summer traffic slump is real and it’s a bummer. Thankfully, those days should be coming to an end as school begins and temperatures begin to drop, and people begin spending more time on their computers again. This is great news for bloggers utilizing affiliate marketing on their blogs, because the uptick in traffic comes right before the fourth quarter (Q4), which is the biggest retail time of the year.

Retailers go crazy for Q4 because this is the time of the year that many of them make the most money. There’s a reason you’ll see sale upon sale upon sale as we head toward Christmas: Retailers want to get people shopping! While they will often spend big money and rely on traditional advertising venues to get the word out, retailers can be quite generous with their affiliate partners as well. Saying bloggers should attempt to make the most of Q4 to line their own pockets and/or meet their own revenue goals for the year would be an understatement. If you rely on affiliate marketing to make money blogging, then you should go gangbusters for Q4.

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