No More Writer’s Block! 800+ Unique Holidays, Celebrations & Observances to Fill Your Editorial Calendar Year-Round

Do you sometimes find yourself at a loss for what to write about? Those days are going to be a thing of the past because with our massive list of unique holidays, celebrations and month-long observances, you’ll have more than two years worth of topics to write about daily!

Blog topic ideas: Unique holidays, celebrations, month-long observances, and more | Oh, She Blogs!

Sometimes, coming up with topics to write about is the hardest aspect of blogging. We all get a touch of writer’s block from time-to-time. When the writing blues strike, one thing I recommend is taking a look at the unique holidays and observances that happen in a given month. I mean, who doesn’t love National Doughnut Day?!

Crafting content around unique holidays is a great way to add evergreen content to your site. Wacky holidays, celebrations, and month-long observances generally happen every year (leap day excluded), so you’ll be able to refresh, republish, and reshare your content year after year.

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Reflections on a Decade of Blogging

I began blogging in 2009.  Back then, things were so easy and, compared to what blogging looks like now, quaint. I decided to start a blog on a whim. Back then there weren’t any instructions online. I started with Blogger and quickly moved to WordPress. I realized that Bluehost sucks and then moved to private…

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50 Gift Ideas for Bloggers

The holidays are just around the corner, which means many of you are either working on gift guides or have already published them. While you’ve been searching for the perfect gifts to include on your own guides, have you stopped to think about what to include on your own personal wish list? When it comes to…

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Grammarly is a Must-Have Tool for All Bloggers

I was an English major in college and the managing news editor at our college paper, which means that I was a fairly good writer when I graduated.¬†Over time, however, I’ve found that all of the writing rules I used to be able to recite at the drop of a hat have flown by the…

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