11 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

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How to Make Money on Pinterest: 11 tips you can use to start earning money from all of the time you're already spending on Pinterest | Oh, She Blogs!


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past several years, you probably know that Pinterest, the social media platform that is best described as a virtual pin board, is wildly popular. What you might not know is that many people, especially bloggers and entrepreneurs, are cashing in on their Pinterest profiles. With over 100 million users (the majority of whom are women), you can’t afford to ignore this platform.

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11 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

1. Offer a Physical Product

Do you have a physical product that you sell? Pinterest is the perfect place for you to market that product. Take professional quality pictures of the production process, of the finished product, and of the product being used. You could even ask customers to send you pictures where they are using your product. Put these pictures on Pinterest with a link to the product sales page and you are well on your way to an increase in sales as your pins are liked, repinned, and discussed.


2. Sell a Digital Product

Digital products are HUGE these days. Many people are making a significant amount of income selling printables, digital files, online courses, and ebooks. Pinterest is a great way to market these products. You can even implement video marketing in your pins!


3. Offer a Service

If you have a service-based business, Pinterest is a great way for you to connect with your potential clients. Use it to share testimonials, your portfolio, motivational quotes, and even tips and tools that they can use. Show them what they stand to gain by working with you.

4. Ask for Sponsors

Find a niche that you enjoy (for example, fashion for women over 30) and build your audience on Pinterest. Share content (aka pins) with them that gets your audience to consistently engage (e.g. likes, repins, comments). Once you have built your audience and have a steady degree of engagement, it is time for you to reach out to sponsors that would be willing to pay for the chance to reach your audience.


5. Become an Affiliate

Many companies and small business owners offer their customers the opportunity to become an affiliate. An affiliate is someone who uses a product or service and then promotes that product in exchange for a portion of the profit when someone decides to place an order through their link. You can utilize visually appealing images and your customized affiliate link to catch people’s attention, tell them about the product, and send them to where they need to go to place an order.

Pinterest only changed course recently and decided to allow affiliate links on Pinterest again! For more on this, check out How to Post Affiliate Links on Pinterest Without Being Spammy. While posting affiliate links on Pinterest is great, the last thing you want to do is annoy your followers!


6. Share Products from Zulily

Those who are frequent Zulily shoppers may not know that they can pin the items they love to Pinterest and receive credit if anyone clicks those links and makes a purchase!

How to Make Money from Pinterest: Share Items from Zulily

While this won’t earn you dollar dollar bills, it will earn you shopping credit at Zulily, which is a great consolation prize!

Note: The credit will only be applied when for those who click your link, subscribe to Zulily and then make a purchase.


7. Grow Your List

If you have been working on a business for any time at all (at least online) then you have probably heard that “the money is in the list.” It is true! You want to have a mailing list of people who love what you do. So while this may not be a way to directly earn income, it is definitely a piece of the puzzle. Use Pinterest to get people to sign up for your mailing list.


8. Boost Book Sales

Are you an author who has a book that is already published and for sale (or are you working on launching a book)? If so, Pinterest can be a great way to connect with your future readers. Create pins that invite them into your world. Give them little snippets of info on the characters. Share excerpts from your books, quotes that you love, and reviews from people who have already read and loved the book. Then let them know how they can support your launch and/or order your book.


9. Research Your Audience

If you know that your target audience hangs out on Pinterest, then you are in a prime position to learn more about them. Use Pinterest to see what your target audience is interested in. What problems do they have? What content do they engage with the most? Use that knowledge to your advantage as you create your products and services and when you market them.


10. Research Your Competitors

It is also a smart idea to use Pinterest to research what your competitors are doing (or not doing) and how it is working for them.


11. Become a Pinterest Professional

Once you have mastered the art of Pinterest, you can help others to monetize their profiles by offering your services a Pinterest brand manager. Use everything you have learned about optimization, audience-building, engagement-building, and analytics to help other brands make money on Pinterest.


Do tell: What other ways do you make money on Pinterest?

Tiffany Hathorn

Tiffany Hathorn

Tiffany Hathorn is the blogger/wordsmith at Single Mommy Warrior, where she talks about life as a single WAHM. She is mom to a 5-year-old superhero. When she is not working with clients on creating engaging content for their brands, she can be found hanging out with her son, working on her novel, or engaging in Netflix binges.
Tiffany Hathorn

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Thanks for the great tips. This helped me to understand more about pinterest marketing.

Vathani Ariyam

Good info Thanks


Great stuff.. you can get overwhelmed with all the help out there but you keep it simple.

Rachel @ Messy Stork

Thank you for this post. I’ve only just started my blog but the intention is to make money from it as well as sewing PDFs that I’ll be making. I read this morning that pinterest is allowing affiliate links and pinned that post and I’ll beginning this too. Thank you again


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Lots of info and can be a bit overwhelming. Thanks for your advise.


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Informative. How to use hashtags while pinning? While searching Pinterest, the words are split into two or three as the case may be. This gives wrong results. How do you do it?

Nicole Smith

Thank you for the awesome tips 🙂

Fahimna A.
Fahimna A.

Nice ideas for starts of Pinterest. Thanks,


Quite the helpful list. I’ve put up my portfolio on Pinterest and linked to my hire me page. Hoping to get some great leads that way :

Rithu Sinha
Rithu Sinha

Hello Tiffany, Appreciate your time and effort in sharing the post. The steps are to the point & are helpful in making money out of Pinterest.

Ryan Biddulph

2/8 has been neat for me to observe Tiffany because even though I began Pinning full force 1 week ago, folks have been Pinning my eBook for years. Cover lends itself to Pinning too; background image was snapped by me in Savusavu, Fiji. Sweet eye candy LOL.