The Best ShareaSale Merchants for Bloggers

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The best shareasale merchants for bloggers | Oh, She Blogs!
When it comes to blogger-friendly affiliate networks, ShareaSale is at the very top. The network itself and many of the merchants who use ShareaSale value their blogger partnerships more than you will see at most other affiliate networks. ShareaSale, for instance, puts out a quarterly catalog of merchants that are seasonally appropriate, along with ways you might use them in your content. They also hold a yearly conference, ShareaSale Think Tank, that costs just $50 (including hotel but excluding flights and some meals) for the bloggers who are chosen to attend. The network is also big on creating tools that help make blogging life easier, as well as educating bloggers on how to best use those tools, create content, and network with merchants.

As for the merchants, many of them work with bloggers to offers special flat rates for posts, products to review, generous commissions, bonuses and cookie lengths, and even incentives for referring other bloggers to their programs.

While there are thousands of great merchants who have chosen to partner with ShareaSale, below you will find my picks for the best Shareasale merchants that are the most favorable for bloggers and the ones you will definitely want to check out as you become more involved with this particular affiliate network. These are the merchants that will actively help you, in one way or another, to make the most money from your blog.

Please note: To be considered for any sort of bonus opportunity you must first be a member of the affiliate program. All of the links in this post are direct links to apply to programs that interest you, although before you can apply to these programs you must first register for Shareasale. Click here to register for Shareasale.

The Best ShareaSale Merchants for Bloggers

Merchants Offering Sponsored Blog Posts

The only thing better than making money from the affiliate links in your blog posts is also being paid a straight fee for those posts! The merchants below have previously offered to pay a flat rate for posts (usually anywhere from $5-$20, but sometimes as much as $50) in addition to any money you make from your affiliate links. Merchants will typically do this when they want to drive extra traffic or they have a big sale to promote.

Note: You never know when a new sponsored post offer may become available, but you will typically be notified of sponsored post opportunities through emails from the merchants. Sometimes it literally pays to open up those emails!

Adidas (athletic apparel)

Blurb (book-making software)

Craftsy (online classes for all sorts of crafts and skills)

Crazy 8 (kids clothing)

Dollar Tree (general shopping)

Gazelle (electronic trade-ins)

Grammarly (grammar browser extension)

Kiwi Crate (subscription box for kids)

Little Passports (subscription box for kids)

Mixbook (photo books)

Pear (group sponsorship website)

Pley (toy rental service)

Reebok (athletic apparel)

Rent the Runway (formal dress rentals)

Stella & Dot (jewelry and accessories)

Tea Collection (kids’ clothing)

Warby Parker (glasses and sunglasses)


Merchants Offering Samples for Review

I recently wrote about how review posts are ideal for affiliate links, and the merchants below totally get that because they are known for their generous review policies and will often send samples to bloggers. While some merchants may reach out and offer a sample for you to review, you will actually need to reach out to most merchants yourself to see if they would be interested in partnering with you. Send the affiliate manager an email with your ideas for how you would promote the product you would like to review and then cross your fingers as you wait for their response. Just don’t forget to include those affiliate links when you write your review!

Note: No company is guaranteed to send a sample. The companies below are typically blogger-friendly, but may say no to your request. Don’t take it personally if you get rejected. There are myriad reasons why they may not want to partner with you at the time, including anything from your site not being a good fit for them or they’ve already given out their allotted number of samples for the month.

Bean Box (Coffee subscription box)

Beauty Box 5 (Beauty subscription box)

CandyClub (Candy subscription box)

Craftsy (online classes for all sorts of crafts and skills)

Flirty Aprons (Cute aprons)

Grammarly (Grammar browser extension)

Green Kid Crafts (Kids’ craft subscription box)

Julep (Nail polish & beauty subscription box)

Love with Food (Snack subscription box)

Madison Reed (Hair color subscription)

RawSpiceBar (Herbs and spices subscription box)

ScentBird (Perfume subscription box)

Treatsie (Snack subscription box)

Vitafive (Gummy vitamins)

Wine of the Month Club (Wine)


Merchants that Pay for Blogger Referrals

Do you have friends or family members that blog? If so, there are quite a few ShareaSale merchants that will actually pay you for referring new affiliates to them! Merchants will only pay for affiliates they accept into the program.

Note: To find your referral link, you need to go to ShareaSale and then find the merchant you want to refer.  Look for “two tier text links” in your account and use that link. Two tier links are only for referring other bloggers/affiliates to a program.

There are more than 600 ShareaSale merchants that pay for blogger referrals, so below you’ll find some of my very favorites that are not only pretty easy to write about and earn commissions from depending on your niche, but will also pay you for referring blogging friends!

Aloha (Health and wellness – supplements; $10 per referral)

Belle and June (Home decor)

Blurb (Book making software; $10 per referral)

Brika (Artisan gifts; $10 per referral)

Creative Market (Online classes for creatives)

Cricut (Crafting tools)

Dealflicks (Discount movie tickets)

Flirty Aprons (Cute aprons; $2 per referral)

Frecklebox (Gifts for kids)

Hips & Curves (Plus size lingerie)

Idea Chic (Stationery and invitations)

Julep (Beauty — especially nail polish)

Le Tote (Clothing rental subscription)

Love with Food (Snack subscription box)

Madison Reed (Hair color; $10 per referral)

Mixbook (Stationery and cards)

ModCloth (Clothing and accessories for women; $10 per referral)

NuMe Products (Hair curling wands; 2% of sales for anyone you refer)

One Kings Lane (Home goods; $10 per referral)

Pley (Toy rental; $5 per referral)

Reebok (Athletic apparel; $5 per referral)

Stella & Dot (Jewelry and accessories; $10 per referral)

Swoozie’s (Gifts + wedding, baby shower and birthday favors)

Tea Collection (Children’s clothing; $10 per referral)

The California Wine Club (Wine; $2 per referral)

Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas (Stationery and gifts)

Vitafive (Gummy vitamins; $10 per referral)

WP Engine (Web hosting; $50 per referral)

Warby Parker (Glasses and sunglasses; $10 per referral)

Zazzle (Custom design marketplace)

Merchants Offering Bonus Campaigns

When ShareaSale merchants offer bonus campaigns, it means they are willing to pay you even more money on top of your regular affiliate commission based on the number of sales you make in a month. Bonus campaigns can be an easy way to add a little bit of extra money to your account… provided the merchant offering the bonus campaign fits with your niche!

Note: Bonus campaigns come and go. Be sure to check the newsletters from your merchants for any extra earning opportunities such as bonus campaigns!

A few merchants currently offering bonus campaigns include:

Decor Island: If net sales in a month are equal to or greater than $5,000, you can earn an additional $100.

Idea Chic: Make 10+ sales in a month or earn $150 in commissions in a month and you can earn an additional $25.

Koa Coffee: Earn $600 in commissions in a month and earn an additional $150.

WP Engine: In addition to a very generous payout structure ($200 per sale), this web hosting company also has a generous bonus campaign tier. For instance, if you make 10 sales in a month you will get an additional $250.  With 25 sales you will make an additional $625!


Top 100 Power Rank

Something ShareaSale does that you won’t find at any other affiliate network is they create a power ranking for their merchants. The Top 100 can change, but these are typically the merchants with whom bloggers and other affiliates are making the most money. This means that the power rank is a great place to start when you are looking for new programs to join!

I like to check the power rankings every so often because you never know when someone new will make it to the top. Sometimes the ranking might be seasonal, but most of the time merchants are included in this list because they’re just all-around great programs.

Some of my recommendations for the best ShareaSale merchants for bloggers that almost always make the power rankings include:

Fanatics: Should you ever plan to write about sports – be it the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL or anything in between – then Fanatics is a program you have to join. They offer a whopping 10 percent commission, which is higher than you you will find with most other sporting companies, and they work with all of the big brands like Nike and Adidas.

ModCloth: If you write about women’s clothing – traditional sizes and/or plus sizes – then you may find that ModCloth is a good fit. In addition to being a very popular merchant that offers a starting commission rate of seven percent, the brand typically offers flat rates for posts a few times a year.

The Land of Nod: Do you write about children? What about children’s gifting items? If so, The Land of Nod is a great program to join and it is exclusive to ShareaSale!

Tiny Prints & Wedding Paper Divas: If you write about children, home goods, gifts, shopping, or weddings, then Tiny Prints & Wedding Paper Divas is a must-join program! They have a very active affiliate program and responsive affiliate managers who occasionally run contests and have giveaways for their bloggers.

Wayfair: Wayfair is a popular online home and garden store that’s incredibly budget-friendly.

Zulily: Zulily is an online sample sale site for moms and kids. Zulily is a no-brainer if you write about children and/or shopping, although you need to know that they do not work with any bloggers located in nexus states. Should you happen to be located in a nexus state, then I recommend just joining Zulily’s generous referral program.


If you’re looking for ways to make extra money with ShareaSale, these are the best ShareaSale merchants that will help you earn more!

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