Rock Star Blogging: CoSchedule is the Best Editorial Calendar for Bloggers

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Coschedule is a must-have editorial calendar for bloggers | Oh, She Blogs!

As bloggers, we usually try to find tools that will help us cut down on our workload. Let’s face it: Between writing, editing, sourcing photos, scheduling social media and interacting with readers, a lot of work can go into one blog post. Add on top of that all of the work that goes into site design and upkeep, (possibly) managing other writers, research, updating old posts, sharing old posts on social media and planning an editorial calendar and bloggers may find it hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done. I know I certainly felt that way for a long time and I tried out so many different programs and systems before finally finding the one tool that has worked wonders for me, CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is a rock star editorial calendar and social media scheduler. I’ve tried a lot of calendars and schedulers over the years but CoSchedule is the best of the best.

If you’re ready to get organized, here is why CoSchedule is a must-have blogger tool.

CoSchedule Editorial Calendar

CoSchedule Editorial Calendar

The CoSchedule Editorial Calendar is the holy grail of editorial calendars for bloggers! In one quick view you can see any blog posts that were published or are scheduled for a given day, as well as any scheduled or published social media posts. If the events have not yet been published, you can easily drag and drop them to other dates and times on the calendar without needing to enter the post and manually change the posting date. How amazing is that?!

CoSchedule currently connects to the following social media services:

  • Facebook profile, pages, or groups
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Google+


Write posts from within CoSchedule

From the calendar view you can add titles directly to your calendar, which allows you to visually plan out your schedule long before anything is written. If you have multiple people that work on your blog, and you purchase a CoSchedule plan that includes additional team members, you will even be able to assign posts to your writers at the same time you are designing your calendar.

CoSchedule Social Scheduling

You can also schedule future social media posts directly from the calendar. Let’s say you know that you want to share one of your old posts two weeks in the future. Just go to that date on the calendar and you can schedule to share anything you’ve published via any of the social media accounts you have connected with CoSchedule. In fact, CoSchedule makes it easy by bringing up your most popular posts but you can search for any of your old posts to share.


CoSchedule Social Media Scheduling


Once CoSchedule is installed on your blog, a CoSchedule menu will show up underneath your blog posts. From here you can schedule social media posts to all of your connected accounts for that day, the next day, the next week, the next month, or any date you choose in the future.

Ultimately what this means is that you can theoretically schedule ALL of your future social media mentions for each post as soon as you’ve finished writing the post. Want to schedule something to show up on your Facebook page every Christmas? No problem! Choose the custom date scheduler and schedule away!

The way I normally use this tool is that I schedule my social media posts for that day and then publish my post. Once the post is live on my blog I go through and schedule future social media posts. I like to do this all in one sitting, if possible, because it’s easier to change up my message multiple times while the post is still fresh in my mind.


CoSchedule Social Queue | Oh, She Blogs!

I don’t plan things quite as robustly, but this image from CoSchedule shows how they have one single post scheduled to be shared via social media 49 more times! Yes, scheduling one post 49 times is definitely going to take some time, but in one sitting they likely scheduled a year – if not more – worth of posts!

You can also see on the right of the image that the system keeps track of how many times a post has been shared by others via social media.

Personally, I think this in-post scheduler is the single most beneficial aspect of CoSchedule. It’s so easy to plan things out and then not have to think about them again!


CoSchedule Continues to Add Services

I purchased CoSchedule back when all they did was offer an awesome editorial calendar and social media scheduling. They offer so much more these days and it seems like they have no intention of stopping! They recently introduced two tools that are total game changers in my book:

  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: Your headline is the first thing people see and this tool will help you figure out what works… and what doesn’t. The Analyzer will rate your headline’s SEO appeal and ability to result in shares and traffic. You can run the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer for free to see how well it works.
  • Integration with Google Docs: Write your posts in Google Docs and attach it to your editorial calendar through the CoSchedule interface. When you’re done writing and editing you can export the HTML version of your post right into the WordPress interface.
  • Integration with Evernote: Connect your CoSchedule account with Evernote and you’ll be able to access your notes through Evernote, add them directly to your editorial calendar and then turn those notes into blog posts.

They’ve already announced plans to introduce more time-saving tools later this year including this one that looks amazing:

CoSchedule Social Media Auto Pilot

Auto-pilot of social media???!!! Sign me up and release this option ASAP!


How Much Does CoSchedule Cost?

There’s no way around this and I’m not going to sugarcoat it. CoSchedule is not cheap. The price of CoSchedule starts at $15 per month for their most basic of plans.

How much does CoSchedule Cost? | Oh, She Blogs!

I took advantage of CoSchedule’s free trial and quickly learned I couldn’t live without the service and began paying for the Solo Standard license, which gave me access to the editorial calendar and social media publishing tools.

CoSchedule costs more than most blogging tools, but I’ve found that the ease with which I can schedule social media makes the cost worthwhile. In the past I’ve considered hiring a virtual assistant to help me schedule social media posts. A virtual assistant would cost more than $15 per month, especially for this level of scheduling, so I’d rather spend the money on this tool where I can schedule social media easily AND make use of the best editorial calendar ever all for the same cost.


Is CoSchedule a Good Investment for Bloggers?

Yes! Absolutely YES! I found that the amount of time I was saving with the social media scheduling alone made the price of CoSchedule more than worth it and made it an absolute blogging necessity. It is also the best editorial calendar for bloggers, so it’s really a double win.

CoSchedule is easily one of the best blogging tools out there in terms of services offered and the time-saving properties. It’s also one of only a few programs with which I have zero complaints. It is a quality system that will do things you never realized you wanted.

CoSchedule is not only a good investment for bloggers; CoSchedule is the best investment for bloggers.


Ready to see what CoSchedule is all about? Click here to start a 14 day FREE trial!

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Thanks for the awesome review of CoSchedule! We enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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Thanks so much, Brock! 🙂

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Marketing Dutchess

Wow, coschedule it’s a very great tool, I will start the trial 🙂

Ryan Biddulph

Hi Lisa,

Cool review! Awesome tool here; I use it whenever I publish a guestie over at Blogger Authority. Lovely integration, great organization, which leads to blogger jubilation LOL. Must have tool for any multi author blog. No brainer really. Because I can count man HOURS – and woman of course 😉 -saved by using Co-Schedule, easy. Thanks for sharing!



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