23 Sites Where You Can Get Free Stock Images For Your Blog

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23 sites where you can get free stock images for your blog | Oh, She Blogs!

Many bloggers rely on Pinterest to generate visitors to their sites, which means that ALL bloggers need high-quality images on their blogs. This typically isn’t too difficult for fashion bloggers, who usually include images of themselves on their blogs that can then be pinned to Pinterest. It’s also not too difficult for food bloggers who usually share drool-worthy images of their creations.

For the rest of us though? Creating Pinterest-worthy images can be difficult, to say the least!

The one thing you absolutely don’t want to do is search Google and use any old image that you find on your blog. Using a photo without permission could land you in legal hot water. Stories of bloggers paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in fines for copyright infringement are all over the internet.

Thankfully, there are plenty of sites where you can purchase stock photos, such as BigstockPhoto.comiStock and Deposit Photos. I’ve had great luck purchasing stock photos in the past, but it can be expensive!

Luckily, there are plenty of places online where you can get free stock images! Free stock images will help your site look great and you will be able to create Pinterest-worthy graphics that will help draw visitors to your website.

Need photos? Bookmark these 23 sites where you can get free stock images for your blog!

Free Stock Images for Your Blog

1. Death to the Stock Photo

Free Stock Images for Your Blog from Death to the Stock Photo

Register for their list and each month you will receive a new pack of royalty-free stock images that you may use any way you like.


2. Free JPG

Free Images for Your Blog: Free JPG

Free photos for commercial and editorial use with no restrictions.


3. Free Images

Free Stock Images from Free Images

Images are free as long as you stick to the rules in the Image license Agreement. Also, in some cases you may need to notify the artists about using the images and sometimes you need to give credit to them. You can see these restrictions under the image previews, right next to the Download button. You also need to sign up for a free account in order to download images.

4. Gratisography

Free images from Gratisography

Free high-resolution photographs that are free of copyright restrictions. New photos added weekly.


5. Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri Free Stock Images for Your Blog

The images found on this site are Creative Commons Public Domain, meaning you can “copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.”


6. Magdeleine

Free stock images for your blog from Magdeleine

Hand-picked free photos. Some photos require attribution.


7. morgueFile

Free stock images from morgueFile

Free high resolution stock photos for commercial or personal use.


8. Negative Space

Free stock images for your blog from Negative Space

Free stock images with no copyright restrictions. Premium photos are also available at a cost, although you set the price you want to pay and 50% of that is donated to charity.


9. New Old Stock

Free stock images from New Old Stock

Vintage photos from public archives. “Free of known copyright restrictions.”


10. Pexels.com

Free stock images for your blog from Pexels

10 new high-quality stock photos are released each day at Pexels. No restrictions on use.


11. PhotoPin

free images from Photopin

photo credit: outtake via photopin (license)

Use PhotoPin to search through hundreds of thousands of free stock images. They provide HTML code that makes it easy to provide attribution to the photographer or original source of the photo (see above!). You can also sort by license type (commercial or non-commercial) to make sure you are getting the correct attribution.


12. Picjumbo

free stock images from Picjumbo

Download beautiful free photos for commercial and personal use.



13. Pixabay

free stock images for your blog from Pixabay

Hundreds of thousands of images are listed on Pixabay. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty-free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. Attribution is not required. This is one of the first sites I recommend searching if you are looking for free stock images for your blog.


14. Public Domain Archive

free stock images from Public Domain Archive

100% free high-resolution stock photos from the public domain.


15. Refe

free stock photos for your blog from Refe

High-quality, royalty-free, natural-looking photos. Please note: “Photos cannot be resold or redistributed on its own, or used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold.” In other words, you can use these photos in projects, but not if you plan on selling said project.


16. Splitshire

free stock images from Splitshire

Frequently updated free stock images for commercial use. No copyright so these images can be used almost anywhere but they cannot be resold.


17. Startup Stock Photos

Free stock images for your blog from Startup Stock Photos

Free images depicting everyday life at a startup/ in an office.


18. StockSnap

Free images from Stocksnap

Frequently updated archive of free stock images that are free from copyright restrictions with no attribution required.


19. Stock Vault

free blog photos from Stockvault

Printing and reproduction of the images on Stock Vault is prohibited. Images can be used on non-commercial websites.


20. Travel Coffee Book

free blog photos from Travel Coffee Book

You’ll find beautiful travel photos at Travel Coffee Book, all of which are public domain and can be used in any and all projects.


21. Unsplash.com

21 Sites Where You can Get Free Stock Images for your Blog | Images from Unsplash

10 new high-resolution photos every 10 days. No attribution required.


22. Free Food Photos

Free Food Photos via FreeFoodPhotos.com Image via FreeFoodPhotos.com

If you love using photos of food on your site you will love FreeFoodPhotos.com, where they have tons of stock food images that can all be used for free – even in commercial projects – as long as attribution is given.


23. Good Stock Photos

Free Stock Images via Good Stock Photos

One new photo is added to this site each day. Photos can be used on personal and commercial projects.


What other sites do you use to download free stock images for your blog?

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[…] 23 Sites Where You Can Get Free Stock Images for Your Blog […]

Amber Starr

Pinning for later reference. Thanks for the great list!


Love this list! A lot of new sites that I didn’t know about so I’m bookmarking this for sure!


Truly, Creating own graphical images are quite difficult nowadays. But We always need FREE stock images.

In this situation, I always use Flickr to get high quality stock images for my blog article. But after reading this article, now I have more options than before.

Thanks for sharing it with us.


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You forgot about Kaboompics 🙁

Yinan Chen

Hi, very informative article.
Please also check out https://www.goodfreephotos.com for thousands of unique public domain photos, all high-resolution and free to use for any purpose.We specialize in photos by location as we document cities, national parks, state parks, national landmarks, and more. We update with 20+ photos each week. Appreciate it if you could add us to your list of sites.


Thanks for sharing this….I bookmarked it and will be using some of the sites you listed here.


Great list! The only one I was aware of is pic jumbo. I also created a list of sites that I noticed you don’t have, maybe you are not aware of them. Just as I wasn’t aware of your list. Check out my list here: http://www.simplyhipsavings.com/2016/10/02/18-free-feminine-styled-stock-photo-resources/#

Look forward to reading more of your posts!

Janos Virag

Hey Lisa ,

I’d like to recommend to your list our new photography project which is http://realgraphy.org
This is made by amateur photographers. It’s great if you want authentic pics for free.

Janos Virag
Founder of Realgraphy


I offer 1 – 4 free Pinterest-size stock photos each week to my weekly newsletter subscribers if you want to check it out! No restrictions or attributions needed. bit.ly/AddWarmthNews

Lucid Dream

Saved in pinterest to find it later. This is a huge list of free stock photo website. Till now I used pixabay and there are some limitations, many time I didn’t find the actual photo I was looking for. I hope now with all these free site, I’ll be able to find best photos for my blog performance.


I use http://www.freestockimages.ru/ usually. There are thousands of unique stock photos, all high-resolution and free to use for any purpose. I really like it.


[…] While your writing is incredibly important, quality photos and graphics will help your site look more professional. You don’t need to pay big bucks for a DSLR, but you should read up on photo composition and lighting. I take 100 percent of my photos on my iPhone and ColorStory is the single best smartphone photo editor I’ve encountered. It’s free! If photography’s not your thing, check out these 23 sites where you can download free stock images for your blog. […]

Stuart Miles

Hello there,

Excellent solutions.

A handful of them I am aware of and are awesome.

I’ve got an additional web site that is not in the list above and has excellent pics – http://blogpiks.com



[…] you don’t think your post needs personal photos, check out these 23 sites where you can download free stock photos. Since this isn’t a personal blog, I mostly use stock photos on this site. There’s no […]


Nice list 🙂 Try also my website http://monisphoto.com/


Hi Theresa,

Love the content!

Have you heard about rawpixel? You’ve probably seen our images all over the place. We’re the leading stock photo contributor in the world. We’ve just launched our website where we give away the best free design resources out there. We’d be stoked if you could add us to this list.

Check us out on http://www.rawpixel.com. Looking forward to you joining our community of creatives.



[…] photography isn’t your thing, check out these 23 sites where you can get free stock images for your blog! If you don’t have a graphics editor, sites like Stencil, Canva, and PicMonkey make it easy […]

Spotlight Chaser
Spotlight Chaser

Very useful sites for free stock photos. Why buy photos, when you can get professional ones for free. My favorite is Pixabay.