Guide to Promoting Amazon Prime Day on Your Blog

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Promoting Amazon Prime Day on Your Blog: What to Know

Amazon recently announced that Amazon Prime Day is July 11, 2017. Prime Day has become a once-a-year occurrence when Amazon sells lots of things for less than their typically low prices. In fact, Amazon sells so much stuff that Amazon Prime Day 2016 was their biggest shopping day EVER. How crazy is that?! Luckily, Amazon is more than willing to share the love and since they have one of the biggest affiliate programs out there, Amazon Prime Day could potentially be a very lucrative day for bloggers.

If you plan on promoting Amazon Prime Day on your blog, these tips will help you make as much money as possible.

Promoting Amazon Prime Day on your Blog


The best selling items in 2016 were…

Amazon Fire TV Stick

It never hurts to know what people want to buy, and thankfully Amazon has released data that may help provide insights into not only what people bought last year, but what Amazon may choose to discount again this year.

Here are the best sellers from Amazon Prime Day 2016:

  • Biggest day ever for Amazon Echo – up over 2.5x compared to previous record day.
  • The most popular Amazon Dash Button brands purchased on Prime Day were Cascade, Charmin and Tide.
  • A whopping 215,000 Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cookers were purchased.
  • More than 200,000 pairs of headphones were purchased.
  • Members purchased over 24,000 Double Hammocks by Vivere.
  • Members purchased over 23,000 iRobot Roomba 614 Vacuum Cleaning Robots.
  • Back-to-school shopping, perhaps? Members purchased over 14,000 Lenovo laptops.
  • Members purchased on average one Alexa-exclusive deal per second during Prime Day using their voice.
  • Fire TV Stick was Amazon’s best-selling device globally

Can you fit any of these items – or similar items – into your coverage on Amazon Prime Day? If so, keep an eye out for sales on these products as these are likely to be hot sellers again this year.


Promote Amazon Prime Trial Memberships

Amazon provides generous bounties for promoting some of their membership programs, including Amazon Prime. One easy way to promote Amazon Prime Day is to write a post detailing why you love your own Amazon Prime membership, the perks you use the most, and recommending that your readers take advantage of the Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial, which will also let them shop Amazon Prime day. You will receive a flat $3 fee for everyone you convince to register for the Prime trial!

Use this link to direct people to the Prime free trial page:


Write an Amazon Prime Day Preview

You can already access some Amazon Prime Day deals (, and Amazon will be sharing more with their associates over the next few days. Here’s the thing, though: You don’t necessarily need to write about Prime Day ON Prime Day in order to generate affiliate revenue. You just need to get people to click on your links and then head to Amazon to make a purchase before the cookie expires.

An easy way to write about Prime Day without needing to follow any deals is to write a Prime Day preview. Perhaps you could use the data from last year’s sale to write about items you THINK will be on sale this year. Be sure to include links to specific items in your post, as well as a link so that your readers can sign up for the free Prime membership trial!

Promote Amazon Products

Amazon Echo

Amazon Prime Day is a huge shopping day and people all over the world can save tons of money buying stuff they may or may not need. That’s wonderful, but if you’re not a deal blogger and already planning to scout out the deals all day long, covering Amazon Prime Day can be slightly annoying because who wants to sit there waiting to report on new deals?!

Instead of waiting for the deals, I would recommend focusing on products you KNOW are going to be on sale, namely Amazon products.

Some of the best deals are going to be on Amazon-branded products like the Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire, and Amazon Echo. These items are typically on sale all day… or at least until Amazon runs out of units to sell! As noted above, both the Echo and the Fire TV Stick sold like hot cakes last year and they’re likely to do so again this year.

If you don’t want to write about “deals,” but still want to cover Amazon Prime Day in some fashion, perhaps you could write about how the Amazon Echo has revolutionized your life, or about all of the new TV shows you are watching thanks to your Fire TV Stick. If you publish your post on Amazon Prime Day, be sure to note the sale price and encourage your readers to buy that day to enjoy the savings. Also, be sure to promote your post on social media throughout the day on July 11!

Scout Out Deals on Products You Love

Instant PotMy only Amazon Prime Day purchase thus far is an Instant Pot. I was one of the 215,000 people that bought one during last year’s sale. A blogger I follow got REALLY excited when she saw that Instant Pots were on sale and her enthusiasm lead me to believe that I needed one. Follow that blogger’s lead. If there’s something you’ve written about that you really and truly love, promote the heck out of that item. Be sure to share your old posts mentioning said item, too!

By the way, do you want to know just how persuasive this blogger was in talking about her Instant Pot? I DON’T COOK. I hate cooking! To date, I’ve only used my Instant Pot twice and that was to make hard-boiled eggs.


Promote Accessories for Products You Love

Since it’s not possible to post about absolutely everything that’s going to be on sale on Amazon Prime Day, you might consider sticking to one specific topic, like the Instant Pot. In addition to the Instant Pot itself, look for and promote any accessories that are also on sale. For instance, maybe an Instant Pot cookbook will be on sale or a silicon sealing ring. This tactic may also work in your favor because perhaps someone following you already has the Instant Pot, but didn’t know that a specific cookbook exists. They may very well purchase that cookbook based on your recommendation!


Promote Amazon Home Services

Amazon Home Services

Amazon now offers select home services, like house cleaning and furniture assembly. You can earn a bounty payment for promoting home services, which will be discounted on Amazon Prime Day.

Here’s the link for promoting Home Services:

If you’re writing about deals on Amazon Prime Day, an awesome way to double dip, so to speak, is to promote something like a TV that might be on sale AND home installation services for the TV (for instance, if people want to have it hung on a wall). You’ll earn a commission for the sale of the TV and you’ll earn a bounty for promoting home services. Plus, your readers will save big!


Write About Amazon Fashion

Write about Amazon Fashion on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon is investing a lot of time and money into their in-house fashion brands, and they will be offering steep discounts on those brands on Amazon Prime Day. They’re actually offering a sneak peek of just a few of the items that will be on sale, which you can find here.

There’s still time to purchase a couple of those items and put together a full fashion post about Amazon’s private label brands and how people will be able to buy the items you love for less on Prime Day. You can do the same type of post without purchasing and modeling the items, too.

You can send your readers to (using your affiliate link) to shop the fashion deals.


Promote Other Amazon Bounties

While Amazon Prime Day really exists as a means for getting more people to become Amazon Prime members, there are other bounty programs that you can push as well. For instance, you will receive a flat fee for referring people to the Kindle Unlimited program. Subscriptions will be discounted on Prime Day so this would be an ideal program to promote if you regularly write about books and know that you have a Kindle-loving following.

Other bounties you can promote on Prime Day include:

Amazon Prime Day Bounties


Promote Amazon Prime Day Deals on Social Media

Amazon Site Stripe

We are bloggers, so it stands to reason that some of you will be promoting Amazon Prime Day on your blog, but there’s no rule that says you can only promote Prime Day Deals via that one outlet. Thanks to the Amazon Associates SiteStripe, you can go to any item and promote it on Facebook and/or Twitter with the click of a button! (Just be sure to include an #ad or #affiliate disclosure in your post!)

Social media is a great way to promote awesome deals that are going to expire quickly. Be sure to update your Facebook profile (if you don’t mind potentially annoying friends and family), your blog’s Facebook page, and, if you have one, your blog’s Facebook group whenever you see a great deal.


Please Note: Please make sure you have the appropriate Amazon Associates Disclosure placed on your blog before promoting anything from Amazon. Amazon can and will shut down sites that don’t use their specific disclosure. I talk more about that in this post about Privacy and Disclosure Policies.


Do Tell: Do you have any other tips for promoting Amazon Prime Day on your blog?

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  • Hi Lisa,

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