How to Create a Successful Blog Strategy

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If you want to have the best chance at building a blog that gets the results you seek, you will need a blog strategy. No matter how passionate you are about your subject matter, it’s important that you have a strategy in place. You might get burned out, you might go through a personal crisis or other problem in your life, or any number of things could happen that cause you to struggle with your blog postings, even if it goes well at the start. But a successful blog strategy will keep things in focus.


How to create a successful blog strategy

Know your purpose

What is your blog about? How do you add value to the current market? How does your blog help people? Inform or entertain people? Knowing your purpose is a very important first step in your blog strategy. Narrow this down in the beginning.


Know your audience

This goes along with the first point but it’s important to know who your audience is. You need to know who you’re targeting and why. Who is reading? Who is visiting and interacting with your posts? What do they do in their spare time? How much money do they make? Do they have children? Do they want children? Customer/reader profiles are an important part of your blog strategy.

Find your passion

When you do what you are passionate about, that passion shines through in your work. When you blog about the things that matter most to you, it will show to your readers and it will also resonate with the people who are also passionate about those things. It makes a huge difference. Part of your blogging strategy should be identifying your passions and how you can show them in your blog.


Create blogging goals

Next, you’re also going to need some goals. Your blog strategy might include how often you post, the average length of those posts, what days they will post on and more. You may have goals to increase traffic, reader interaction, or improve SEO. Whatever your blogging goals, they will be part of the blog strategy and this allows you to track them and see your progress.


Develop original content

Content is very important and creative, interesting, original content will go a long way. Take time to make all of your content great. Never post a blog post just to be publishing something. Make it great and make it count.


Build efficiency

This is one tip that really throws a lot of bloggers off. You need to be as efficient as possible and this includes learning to repurpose content where possible.


Now that you know these tips, you are ready to get started crafting a successful blog strategy. Whether you’re launching a brand new blog or looking to make improvements on an existing blog, it’s never too late to sit down and work out a strategy. Keep in mind that creating your blog strategy is not likely something that will happen in one sitting. It will take a few sessions of work and it will also require updating from time to time. But it’s absolutely worth all the time and effort you put into it when you reap the rewards.

Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark is a writer and content marketer. Since 1998 she has been producing content for clients, as well as publishing for blogs, websites and magazines under her own byline.
Lisa Clark

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These are great ideas! I am currently in the beginning phases of creating a blog; the brainstorming phase. I’ve read multiple time to find my passion and am going with that. I like the idea about creating blogging goals, and I’m sure this tip will keep me and my content focused. Thanks for mentioning efficiency. As a full time teacher, this will be pivotal for me. Thanks for writing this blog and sharing these tips!


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