How to Monetize Your YouTube Account

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The recent YouTube changes make it harder to monetize your YouTube account, but it’s certainly not impossible!

How to Monetize Your YouTube Account

It seems as though YouTube is constantly moving the bar and making it harder for small YouTubers to monetize their content. When I started my first channel, I was able to monetize my content almost immediately. When my husband started his channel shortly after, the conditions were that a YouTuber had to have 10,000 views before they could use the partner program.

This first change was made because YouTube lost a large number of advertisers because of the content being monetized. YouTube believed that making it harder to monetize would fix this problem. On February 20, 2018, though, a bunch of new YouTube changes went into effect. Now, YouTubers must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewed content. This was a massive blow to small YouTubers that had just started or did YouTube as a hobby.

If you’re in that position, you may be thinking that YouTube isn’t worth your time anymore.

I assure you: That’s not the case.

There are a few different ways you can monetize your YouTube account. Keep reading for a few ideas.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Account

Join YouTube’s Partner Program

If you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewed content, apply to join the YouTube Partner Program! This is still the easiest way to monetize your content. If you don’t yet have enough subscribers or views, read my previous article on how to get more YouTube subscribers.


Use Affiliate Links

Affiliate links can be used on YouTube videos. For example, if you’re using or reviewing a product you purchased on Amazon, use an Amazon affiliate link. When someone clicks that link and makes a purchase, you’ll get paid. You can include a clickable link to the product in the video itself, and you should also include it in your video caption!

Don’t forget: The FTC requires all YouTubers to include a disclosure statement in their video description if they choose to use any affiliate links.


Share Links

Of course, it’s not just affiliate links that will get you money. You can also share links for people to sign up for any service that pays you for referrals. It might be Ebates, Hollar, MyPoints, or any other number of referral links. In some cases, you may only get store credit or gift cards, but it’s still a great way to monetize your content.


Join YouTube Influencer Networks

Video rules and so many companies want to get their products mentioned in YouTube videos. Since reaching out to influencers individually isn’t necessarily the most productive way of doing business, many brands set up campaigns with YouTube influencer networks.

One of the biggest networks utilized by YouTubers is Famebit. There are so many different campaigns listed in the platform, and many of them pay quite a bit!

The secret to using influencer networks is to submit proposals that stand out. Sell the companies on why they should work with you and what you can do that nobody else can offer.


Get Sponsored

Truth be told, the YouTube Partner Program has nothing on sponsored videos. If you have a large YouTube following, you have the chance to get your videos sponsored for some serious money. There are companies that are willing to pay hundreds to thousands for a brief mention in YouTube videos. If you ever needed a reason to work harder on your passion of being a full-time YouTuber, this is it.

In many cases, you won’t even have to go looking for the sponsors. If your YouTube channel is big enough, sponsors will contact you. Many YouTubers with just 100,000 followers get so many offers that they have to turn many down. This is something that will take a lot of work, but you can reach this goal. Work hard on your channel and there will be rewards.


Work on Growing Your Channel!

Whether it’s the YouTube Partner Program or sponsorships, it’s still pretty easy to monetize your YouTube videos. The YouTube Partner Program is just a small portion of income for many YouTubers. Your true goal should be to grow your channel large enough to get noticed by sponsors. Once your channel is big, the amount of money that can be made is limitless. Not only can YouTube be a full-time income, but it can easily become a six-digit career. You just have to work for it.


Do Tell: In what other ways do you monetize your YouTube account?

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