3 Reasons Why It’s Okay If People Unfollow You On Social Media

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Why it's actually okay if people unfollow you on social media | Oh, She Blogs!

Followers. They can be the highlight of our day and the tears of our nights. I love my followers, I really do, but I don’t let the number of followers I have rule my life or my business.

Confused? Expecting me to tell you the opposite? Conventional advice tell us having a ton of followers mean we’re successful. We’ve also been taught to start worrying if someone unfollows us, after all we must be doing something terribly wrong if someone is no longer interested in seeing our content.

If someone decides they want to unfollow me then I say go ahead! I think it’s (sometimes) okay if someone unfollows you on social media. Let me explain this theory; when someone unfollows you it could be for a few different reasons and none of them are personal.


Why it’s okay if people unfollow you on social media


You’re focusing on your message

Often when newbies start on social media, or a person who hasn’t really decided on their focus for their page, they post any and every thing. Posting everything and posting irregularly is fine if you have a personal account but if you’re using social media as a business tool it’s a no no.

When you’ve narrowed your focus this can cause a few people to unfollow you.

Maybe your new focus isn’t for them! When you were posting all willy nilly maybe you were posting something fun or random memes but now that you are dedicated to posting information that relates to your business, it has zero interest to a few followers.

That’s a g good thing! I’d rather have followers who want to read and see what I’m posting who are interested in my niche.


They’re playing the ‘follow + unfollow game’

Sometimes your followers have only followed you in the hopes of you following them back. I regularly go through my followers and see what they’re posting because you never know when something might be of interest. However, I do not feel compelled to follow someone just because they followed me.

There’s no rule that says Thou Must Follow Every Person that Follows You. The follow and unfollow method is something I do not play and if I lose someone because I didn’t do what they anticipated and follow them back then I’m grateful.


You can focus on your target audience

You’re sending out your social media posts to thousands of followers and it’s falling on deaf screens. That doesn’t translate to people coming to you for information, people using your services or money in your pocket. It’s a waste of time and energy.

I’d rather have my valuable information reach the people I’m trying to attract and work with. So if someone says buh bye to me, I don’t sweat it. I remind myself that I’m really reaching the people I’m targeting.

Guys I’m feeling this topic so much that I’m dropping a BONUS reason why it’s okay if someone unfollows you on social media:


Sometimes….they simply want to move on

Some people will follow you because your content connected to who they were and where they were in their life at a specific time. I’ve been guilty of following people because they had a pretty picture or maybe I was enjoying memes (sigh). Whatever the reason, I go through my feed from time to time and unfollow people that aren’t relevant to me any longer. It’s time to move on.

You’ve done it too! If you can move on from an account then people have the same right to move on from yours.

Am I suggesting you shouldn’t worry at all when people unfollow you? Hardly! If you notice a lot of followers are dropping like flies then you should question that. But most of the time losing a few people every now and then isn’t the end of your social game.


Do you agree that it’s okay if people unfollow you on social media or do you get super bummed?

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  • LOVE this post! I totally agree! I’ve had some social media accounts for 5+ years and have totally changed as a person in my likes/dislikes. I unfollow things I don’t find relevant to me anymore all the time and could care less when it happens to me because it just means someone else is in another place too! great post!

    • I’m glad you love the post! I always tell my newbie clients it’s important to get followers but you don’t have to have a massive meltdown if they unfollow you. Keep building up and people of quality will show up and STAY. Thanks for reading!

  • This is so accurate, and something I watch a lot of my friends go through on YouTube, especially. Our numbers on Twitter are constantly climbing and falling – that’s normal. But sometimes you log in and you’ve lost like five subscribers on YouTube overnight and don’t know what you’ve done wrong. A lot of the time, especially at the beginning, it’s just people who subscribed hoping you would return the favor who have unsubscribed after a week or whatever. Other times, it’s closer to your first point, and that’s what’s been happening for me a lot lately. I chose to focus on certain things and let other things go, so I’m losing some subscribers who liked my older content. And that’s okay. They weren’t watching it anyways.

    • Michael it sounds like you completely understand and I wish more entrepreneurs could take your approach to their followers. Keep focusing and the persons who are ready and willing to receive what you have to give will stay connected!

  • I don’t even look at unfollowers! I feel as though those APPs that can tell you who unfollowed you are VERY unhealthy and can cause unnecessary drama! I don’t use anything like that and I don’t even really look at numbers in general, I just post what I love and hope that people at least laugh a little! 😉

    • That’s really rare to not look at unfollowers at all, but sometimes it has to be like that – it can get really unhealthy like you said! What a refreshing view, post what you like and hope people laugh 🙂

  • The follow & unfollow game drives me insane! I’m not big on counting followers, but it drives me insane when I get ten in a day to lose all of them the next. I feel like it would be better if everyone just cared a little less about followers. Follow those you love, comment and tell them why, you’ll find people who do the same to you!

    • The follow unfollow game drives me bonkers and I really hate that newbies fall into this game the most. This is exactly why I wrote this post!

  • Hey now I have some relief myself. I always felt this, why should I be worried if someone un-followed me. Its not about Quantity.. Focus must be big on Quality. People will start following themselves once quality is achieved by you.

  • Nothing says trouble like thousands of followers who completely ignore you. It’s better to have a small, engaged audience, than to have massive amounts of people who skip over all of your blog posts. By having people unfollow you, you’re allowing engagement with your other followers to really thrive. You’re building a community of people who care.

  • Good and essential points and i enjoyed the post,

    I have made the Mistake, and now I am so guilty, I have followed thousand of people non related. And expected them to follow me back, they did, but they are not interested what I say and neither I am interested in their stuffs.

    It is a huge mistake which I will face until I unfollow them and I have done, and now I am requesting these people to unfollw me too.

    Now I look for five same taste people daily to meet them and listen to them what they say and how we can solve, grow , etc.

    I will appreciate 10 followers instead of 10k.


    The topic is interesting and I want to write about it on my blog, for now I will share this post in my G+ community.