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If learning more about SEO is on your blogging to-do list, I hope you’ll check out my new SEO course for bloggers!



Yesterday I launched my first full-length course, Introduction to SEO for Bloggers!

I love talking about how to make money blogging, and my all-encompassing affiliate marketing course is on the horizon, but over the past couple of months the #1 question I started receiving was, “how do I get more traffic to my blog?”

The answer for how to get more blog traffic, in my opinion, lies in search engine optimization, or SEO.

I don’t know what percentage of the internet is comprised of blogs, but we only represent a fraction of the information that’s on the internet. We’re lucky because we can make good use of things like social media and Pinterest to promote our sites, but there are a bajillion other websites in the world that don’t have this luxury but still get plenty of traffic to their sites.

The secret?


I cannot stress enough just how important writing SEO-friendly blog posts are and why SEO is something all bloggers need to take the time to learn.

Think about your own internetting habits. Do you still go online and browse a long list of blogs, or do you check out the posts when their social media promotions appear in your feeds? When you Google something, do you spend a lot of time browsing the sites that appear, or do you want a relevant answer to your search term immediately?

The way things are trending, people are spending less time on blogs and more time going to sites that answer specific search queries. While the first issue sucks for all of us bloggers, all is not lost. Our sites and our blogs can rank and compete for blog traffic. But, ranking and competing is 100x easier if you understand the basics of SEO.

My SEO course for bloggers isn’t meant to replace your day-to-day promotions. Instead, think of it as long-term planning. Implementing proper SEO techniques today doesn’t mean that your blog post will rank tomorrow. SEO is something that takes time to work, but when it does, organic search engine traffic can be yours!

Here’s the outline of the topics covered in my SEO course for bloggers:

SEO Course for Bloggers: Curriculum


SEO, in a nutshell, teaches you how to tell the search engines what you are writing about. Of course, you should always write for your human audience, but with proper SEO techniques, you’ll write for them AND rank better. SEO isn’t something that will change your “voice” or writing style. It’s not something that will take a lot of time or that should influence the topics you write about. It can be intimidating, but if you approach it like a puzzle, it can be a whole lot of fun.

Click here to learn more about my new course.

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