4 Tips for Improving Your Blogging Skills

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Tips for Improving Your Blogging Skills | Oh, She Blogs!

If you’re looking to improve your blogging skills, you’re making a great choice. No matter how long you’ve been blogging, most everyone has some room to improve. There are always new things to learn and new approaches you can take to your blog and blog writing.

Four tips for improving your blogging skills

Get Inspired

You should read blogs from writers who inspire you and then take some time to reflect on what it is you love about them. Why do you like the blogs that you like? They don’t have to be on the same topics you blog about. The idea is just to draw inspiration from the things that you like the most about the blogs you like to read. You can then channel that energy into your own voice and your own blog.

Train Your Writing Habit

You don’t have to publish a new post every day if that is not suited to your blog schedule but it can really benefit you to write something every day. Whether it’s a journal, some notes for future blog posts, or just your reflections on current events, training yourself to write every day will greatly improve your writing habit. This will, in turn, improve your blogging skills as well.

Own Your Story

Good writing can become great writing when you take time to put yourself into it. Your story is what makes you unique. This is your passion; this is what makes you stand out from everyone else out there. Your story adds your own unique voice to your writing. When you can learn to embrace your story and channel that into the blog writing you do, it will greatly improve your blog as a whole. People will be drawn to you – and the right kind of people, the people who relate to you. Whatever your story, don’t be ashamed of it. Own it and let it shine through your writing.

Improve Your Grammar and Style

It may sound obvious but you should always take some time to improve your grammar and style. Unless you’ve been a professional writer for some time, you probably have some room to improve when it comes to grammar and style. Readers will take you more seriously and you will be more confident in your writing and sharing your blog when you have your grammar and style nailed down. This doesn’t mean that grammar is more important than the value of the content you’re sharing but sometimes your message can get lost in poor style and grammar issues. Invest some time into honing those skills.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, of course. There are so many different things out there that you can do to improve your blogging skills. It is a process that will likely be changing and growing over time. You should continue to grow over time and these are a few ways to do that. Feel free to take them, expand on them, and make them your own.

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Lisa Clark

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Lisa Clark

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