How to Become an Etsy Affiliate

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In early 2015 I was sitting at home working when I received the email I’d been waiting for pretty much my entire blogging career. No, it wasn’t that a post of mine had gone viral and I’d become a millionaire overnight. That would have been awesome, but the reason for my excitement on this day was that a contact had written to let me know that the Etsy affiliate program had FINALLY launched.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I did a happy dance in my living room that afternoon. As a shopping blogger, I write frequently about products on Etsy. While I fully believe in using both affiliate and non-affiliate links on my site, it did sting a little bit that I was receiving nothing for sending traffic to Etsy for all those years.

You better believe that after I was done with my celebratory dance that I hopped right back on my computer to apply for the Etsy affiliate program and we’ve been having quite the love affair ever since. It’s an awesome program that I cannot recommend more. Since you can purchase pretty much anything on Etsy these days and it seems like everyone is shopping there, the Etsy affiliate program is a great choice for almost all bloggers.

Ready to get started? Continue reading for everything you need to know to get set up in no time.

How to Become an Etsy Affiliate

Where is the Etsy Affiliate program?

Awin (formerly Affiliate Window) is the affiliate network where you will find the Etsy affiliate program.

Before you can apply to Etsy you must first apply to Awin.

Here’s the thing about Awin and please don’t shoot the messenger: As part of the application process, Awin will place a $5 charge to your credit card. Before you send me a nasty email, hold up: This is how they verify that you are who you say you are and they immediately credit that $5 to your account. They do not keep it. They are not charging you to join the network.

I know it sucks. I’m sorry.

After Awin has verified and (hopefully) approved your account – I believe it took about a day for me to hear back – you will be able to log into the system to begin searching for programs to join, including Etsy!

Who can join the Etsy affiliate program?

While each affiliate program makes their own rules and approves sites based on their own criteria, Etsy does note that anyone who falls into any of the following categories is NOT eligible for the Etsy affiliate program: “cashback and voucher code sites.” Those with their own Etsy storefronts CAN be affiliates, “but are not eligible to earn commission on sales from their own shops or from closely related shops.”

Applying to the Etsy affiliate program

Once you’re approved for Awin and you log back into the site you’re going to find a semi-confusing screen that looks like this:

awin dashboard

It’s not terribly intuitive, is it?

To find and apply for the Etsy affiliate program you’re going to want to follow these steps:

  1. In the upper right-hand corner of that welcome screen click on “User Dashboard” and then click on your account.
  2. From there you will be directed to your personal dashboard. As you begin earning commissions with Awin you will see more activity on this page. For now we’re going to click on “Advertisers” in the top menu bar and then “Join Programs.”
  3. A list of programs will appear for which you have not applied. If you are new to Awin that would be all the programs. My recommendation is to use the handy toolbar on the left to search for Etsy.
  4. One thing worth noting here: There are separate Etsy affiliate programs for the US, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia and the UK. Be sure to apply to the one for your home region.
  5. You will be redirected to a page where you can view all of the terms for the program, including commission rate, payment schedule and all of that good stuff. The most important thing you can do here though is find the little green circle with the plus symbol in it that’s on the left side of the page and click “Join Program.”
  6. A box will appear with the general terms and conditions for the program. Read through this (or don’t 😜) and then scroll to the bottom. Indicate the promotion type you will be using. This will most likely be content on your blog, which is the default. Below that you can send a message to the affiliate manager who will review your site. You might consider making a case for yourself if your traffic numbers aren’t particularly high, or sharing a couple of post ideas for which you’d like to include Etsy affiliate links. I’m not saying this will help your chances of being accepted, but it certainly can’t hurt!
  7. Finally, click on the box accepting the terms and conditions and then click on the green “Join” button.

Now just sit back and try not to check your email too frequently as you wait for a response.

Once you get accepted it is perfectly acceptable to do your own happy dance!

Adding Etsy Affiliate Links to Your Blog

While Awin isn’t necessarily the most user-friendly affiliate network to join (thanks in large part to that pesky $5 charge), it’s amazingly easy to place their links on your site! Here are three different ways you can add Etsy links to your blog or share links on social media:

Convert-a-Link Tool

The Convert-a-Link tool is hands down the easiest way to add Etsy affiliate links to your blog. With this tool you can add a bit of javascript to your site and then the links for all Awin advertisers will AUTOMATICALLY turn into affiliate links on your site!

In other words, aside from adding the Javascript to your site you really don’t have to do anything to get affiliate links for all of the Affiliate Window advertisers!

Affiliate Window Convert a Link Tool

To access this feature you just need to go to Links & Tools > Convert-a-Link and follow the instructions to install the code on your site.

One of the best aspects to Awin’s Convert-a-Link tool, in my opinion? Let’s say you have been writing about Etsy for five years but only join the Etsy affiliate program today. ALL of those previous Etsy URLs will magically become affiliate links as well, which can dramatically increase the amount you will earn from the network!

Deep Linking

While the Convert-a-Link tool is awesome and makes it super easy to post products from Etsy on your blog, there are times that you’re going to need to manually build a link. Personally, I only use deep links that go specifically to each item I’m posting about, so I usually skip the banners and text links. Here’s how to create a deep link to promote absolutely any item on Etsy:

Go to Links & Tools > Link Builder and then follow the steps below.

Etsy Affiliate Program Deep Link Builder

  1. Select your advertiser. In this instance it would be Etsy, but this tool also works for any of Awin’s partners.
  2. Enter the Etsy URL that you want to turn into an affiliate link
  3. I always change the format option to URL so I can just get the one direct link
  4. The deep link will automatically appear in the “Your Deep Link” box, but I usually click the “Create Shortlink” button to grab a small masked link that’s perfect for sharing on social media.

Browser Extension

Finally, if you use Chrome or Firefox, you can download the Awin browser extension. The extension makes it super easy to create affiliate links! Here’s how to install and use the Awin browser extension:

Affiliate Window Browser Extension

Make sure you’re using the browser for which you plan on installing the browser extension. Then, from your Awin dashboard, click on Links & Tools. “MyAW” is the extension for Chrome and “FireAW” is the extension for Firefox. Choose whichever one you want to use and follow the installation instructions. (Sorry Safari users… I feel your pain as it is my preferred browser, too.)

Once you’ve got the browser extension installed, head on over to Etsy and find an item you’d like to write about.

How to use the affiliate window browser extension

Find the link for the browser extension in your menu bar and click on it. You’ll see an orange link in the box that appears that says “Generate Tracking Link.”

Use the Affiliate Window browser extension to quickly get Etsy affiliate links

A box like the one above will pop up and you’ll be able to quickly grab the affiliate link for the item you want to promote. Alternatively, you can just click the Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ buttons to quickly share on any of those social media networks.

All in all, creating Etsy affiliate links is as simple and quick as can be.

Tips for Including Etsy Affiliate Links in Posts

Chances are that if you’re reading this post that you already know how you’re going to use Etsy affiliate links on your blog, but I still thought I’d share a few ideas to get the juices flowing.

Anything wedding-related: On my blog I usually have a wedding-related post each Wednesday and more often than not these posts are filled with items I’ve found from Etsy. You can find nearly anything for a wedding on Etsy, from wedding dresses to ties and socks for the men to flowers and centerpieces. As a wedding guest you can purchase wedding gifts and wedding cards from Etsy.

Round-Ups: Readers love round-up posts, usually because they’re big on graphics and short on text so they’re easy to browse. If they see something they love they might make a purchase. I have a regular “Spotted on Etsy” feature on my blog  where I’ve shared things like handmade plus size clothing, travel gifts, and funny Mother’s Day Cards.

Gift Ideas: There’s always a holiday around the corner, which means there’s always a reason to put together a gift guide. Whether you’re putting together a list of Father’s Day gifts, gifts for a new mom or stocking stuffers, adding items from Etsy is a must!

Spotlight on Etsy Vendors: We used to have a feature called “Etsy Monday” – genius name, I know – where we would interview the owner of an Etsy shop. It was actually a really neat feature! If you love supporting the handmade community you could easily take an idea like this and make it your own.

Crafting and Craft Supplies: If you write about crafting on your blog then the Etsy affiliate program might be a natural fit because you can purchase so many different types of supplies from the site.

Etsy is a wonderful affiliate program that is incredibly easy to promote. I highly recommend applying!

Just a quick note: Before adding any affiliate links to your site please make sure that your privacy and disclosure policies are in place.

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I love ETSY and hey some is better than none. Thank you so much for sharing, I just filled out the forms. So now I wait.


I got denied for the Etsy affiliates. I got this email: Thank you for your interest in the Etsy affiliate program. At this time we are looking to partner with more lifestyle focused bloggers that are focused on building upon our brand story, versus product reviews. I’m still working on launching the site too. I have tons of Etsy products I’d like to promote!

I do have product reviews on my site but I have other things too. Any suggestions on how to not get denied next time?


Etsy Sellers are now eligible for the affiliate program. I am an Etsy seller and I’ve been approved to be an affiliate!


Affiliated Window says I can’t use Browser Extension on Firefox, I don’t know if that is new. 🙁


hi there,

great article! i was wondering whether it was possible to actually sign up for all regions, so having etsy UK as well as US, is that possible? Or are you only limited to one at a time?



Thanks for the article! So it seems like it’s okay to post your affiliate links on websites like Facebook?? Do you know if there are any specific rules you have to follow when using your affiliate links on social media sites??

Thanks again!


A great article – i’m just starting out with affiliate programs and find they are pretty bad at telling you how to get started, so this is a great resource!

vickie Smith

Very interesting! I was wanting info on promoting my Etsy shop through affiliates… but this is good too!


Thanks! great information and what i need. that five dollars almost made me walk but after reading your post I think I’ll give it a chance.


I’ve been a seller on Etsy since 2009 and I can’t believe I just found out about their affiliate program! I must be living under a rock. This is awesome!

Rebecca Grace

Lisa, thank you SO MUCH for this post! I signed up and was approved as an Etsy affiliate in March, but was having a bear of a time trying to figure out how everything worked. I had NO IDEA about the Convert-a-Link tool and had installed the Awin thingy for Chrome but didn’t know how to use it — thought I still had to log into Awin, go to the Generate Deep Link thing there, paste in the link I had copied from whatever etsy item prior to logging into Awin… It was a huge hassle and therefore I wasn’t… Read more »


Thanks for this. I joined Awin and thought I was able to promote Etsy straight away. I followed your instructions and are currently pending.

Craig | Life in 12 Keys

Thanks for this! I’ve just launched my blog and was thinking about Etsy as a good affiliate program. I stumbled upon this article on Pinterest. I’m so glad I did. Thank you.