Missinglettr is a Cheaper CoSchedule Alternative for Social Media Scheduling

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If you need to reclaim some of your time and are in search of a CoSchedule alternative that will let help you quickly automate your social media posts for the next year, allow me to introduce you to my new favorite tool, Missinglettr.

MissingLettr is the Coschedule alternative you've been looking for | Oh, She Blogs!

Time is short and there’s much to do.

I feel like I bounce from project to project, never really having any time to complete anything. Prioritizing is key, both in life and business, and when I prioritize, the thing that frequently falls to the bottom of the list is social media and promoting my blog posts. If the choice boils down to playing with my kids, chatting with my husband, or taking the time to tweet about a post I wrote three days ago, well, I’m going to choose my kids 100 percent of the time and my husband 96 percent of the time. (JK!) (Maybe!)

I stand by my choices – family has to come before business. But, blogging is 20 percent writing and 80 percent promotion, which means that if I’m not going to be tweeting and Facebooking in real time, I need to automate.

CoSchedule is Awesome but…

CoSchedule LogoI previously used CoSchedule, which is fantastic and which I still highly recommend, but the price just kept going up until they priced me out. When I started using CoSchedule I was paying $10 per month. By the time I canceled my subscription, the price had crept up to $39 per website. Ouch.

Don’t get me wrong. CoSchedule does a ton of stuff and makes social media marketing incredibly easy by allowing you to schedule out social media shares for years at a time, if you wanted to, right from the posting dashboard. It’s an editorial calendar and a social media planner. They even developed ReQueue, which automatically shares your posts across social media outlets based on performance data! I never got to try ReQueue, though, because it would have added an additional $30 on top of the $39 I was already paying per month. Double ouch.

Since I was uninterested in paying $39, let alone $69, I decided to part ways with CoSchedule. Blogging shouldn’t make you go broke, and because I wasn’t using the tool to its full capacity – I was more interested in the social media management and scheduling function than I was the editorial calendar – I could no longer justify the cost of using CoSchedule.

Update: Since I first wrote this post, CoSchedule introduced a new plan for “solopreneurs” that includes ReQueue for a total of $49 per month.

Searching for a CoSchedule Alternative

I am the world’s worst content planner, so replacing CoSchedule’s editorial calendar capabilities wasn’t a priority. Instead, for the past year or so, I have tried out quite a few different social media planning tools. Some were good and a few were terrible. There was nothing I encountered that I could accurately call a CoSchedule alternative. Finally, though, a few months ago, AppSumo featured a deal on Missinglettr and I picked it up on a whim because I’m addicted to AppSumo and I trust their recommendations. I’ve been thrilled to discover that Missinglettr is a viable and cheaper CoSchedule alternative.


Quick Hootsuite Sidenote

Hootsuite is one of the first social media schedulers I ever used and is an obvious CoSchedule alternative. While Hootsuite is a great product, I wanted something specifically offering social media automation.




Missinglettr is a fantastic and budget-friendly platform that makes it simple to set up social media shares for the next year in just a few minutes worth of time.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Using Missinglettr you will be able to schedule a full year’s worth of promotion to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn – nine posts to each profile – in less than five minutes.

Continue reading to learn more about MissingLettr and to see how you can pay a one-time fee of $49 for LIFETIME access to MissingLettr! You’ll be able to put your blog’s social promotions on auto drive forever and you’ll just pay the one fee!

How Missinglettr Works

Set Up Your Account

Set up your MissingLettr account


Missinglettr isn’t a plugin, so you’ll need to head over to Missinglettr to set up your account, link your blog’s RSS feed, and add your social profiles. If you prefer, you can manually add all of your articles, but I’m not sure why you would want to do that. Missinglettr will not start running any campaigns before you approve them, so the easiest option is to have them pull your posts from your RSS feed.


Find Your Newest Post to Review

MissingLettr campaign

Whenever you publish a post, Missinglettr will create a new campaign for you. If it’s a post you want to promote, you can review the campaign. If not, just reject it.


Choose and Edit Hashtags


After indicating that you want to review the campaign, you will be given the option of choosing hashtags that will be used in your posts when space permits. Obviously, none of the suggested hashtags were very good for my post about why the Instant Pot is awesome, but you can delete them and enter your own when necessary.


Content Review

Review MissingLettr campaign

Now it’s time for the fun stuff – reviewing the campaign that Missinglettr has put together for you! The site scours your post and, as you can see above, for this particular post they created 28 text suggestions and found 30 image suggestions that I can repurpose throughout the year.


Review and Edit Suggested Posts

Reviewing a campaign for MissingLettr

Since Missinglettr will send out nine campaigns to each social media account throughout the year, you currently have the option of reviewing, editing, and approving nine different social media shares for each post. You will be able to choose a photo that you’d like to send out with the post – or you can upload new ones!!! Alternatively, you have the option of not using a photo at all. You can also accept their text suggestions or edit or add as much as you want. Missinglettr provides so many customization options so that you can quickly put together the best message for your brand!

As for which social media accounts will see which message, you can have a universal post that you can use to send out to all of your different social media accounts, or you can fully customize your messages so that the message is different on every account, i.e. what’s posting on Twitter is different from what’s posting on Facebook. This is handy because you can’t share as much on Twitter as you can on Facebook. On the other hand, the universal post is great if you’re short on time and need to do your scheduling as quickly as possible.

One weakness of Missinglettr, though, is that you currently have to publish a message to all attached accounts on each posting dates. For instance, you can’t turn off posting to LinkedIn on your third posting date – you always have to post to every account. However, I’ve reached out to MissingLettr and they’ve indicated that this will be changing in the near future.


Delete Any Unwanted Posting Dates

approving campaigns via MissingLettr

Missinglettr currently lets you customize nine posts that will be scheduled to go out throughout the year. While they don’t yet have the option to add dates, I have to believe that is coming. The program has improved functionality so much in the past few months and this is a logical next step.


Activate Your Campaign

Reviewing a MissingLettr campaign

Finally, you can set the date that your campaign will begin. Since I typically do my own promotion for a day or two, I normally set the start date for a couple of days out, but it’s completely up to you. I try not to start campaigns on the same day, but that’s my only personal “guideline.”

If you’re writing about time-sensitive content, you also have the option of adding a stop date. Regardless of the campaigns you approved in the previous step, no more posts will go out after the stop date if you add one.

If you’re working on a team, you can send your work to them to be reviewed. Since I’m assuming most of you are not, all that’s left to do is activate the campaign!


Additional Missinglettr Features

Edit Your Campaigns

Active MissingLettr campaigns

Once your campaigns are up and running, you always have the option to pause and edit them, or even cancel them. This flexibility allows you to update your message as needed.


Manually Add Blog Posts

Manually add blog posts to MissingLettr

Missinglettr can pull any NEW posts that you publish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set up a campaign for your older posts. Missinglettr gives you the option of manually creating campaigns, too! All you have to do is enter the URL for the old post, and Missinglettr will create a campaign that you can edit, following all of the same steps outlined above. (Note: Campaigns are not created instantaneously and you’ll receive an email once it’s ready for your review.)


Promote Your Posts on Medium

If you’ve been sharing your posts on Medium – or meaning to – MissingLettr will now take your finished post and share it on Medium with the literal click of one button! Here’s how it works:

MissingLettr posts to Medium


Pick the Times When Your Campaigns Will Publish

Set times for campaigns

Missinglettr doesn’t currently have the ability to determine your “best” publishing times, like you’ll find with programs like Buffer or Tailwind, but they do allow you to set the specific times you’d like your campaigns to publish to any social media accounts. Thus, if you know your best posting times based on any of the other programs you’re using, go ahead and use those times here, too. Or, do a little bit of trial and error to see what works best for your audience.



Analytics in MissingLettr

While they don’t have the best analytics (yet), Missinglettr does let you know how many clicks your automated social media campaigns are generating. I hope that they will soon break this down even more, and I’m sure they will. (I know I’ve said “I’m sure they will” a couple of times now, and the reason I feel certain of some improvements is because literally every time I log into the site, something else has changed. This is a new company, but they’re really doing a great job of listening to their customers to make this  one of the best tools possible for automatic social media posting.)


Missinglettr Weaknesses

No app is perfect, and while I think Missinglettr is well on its way to being the best CoSchedule alternative for social media automation, there are a couple of areas where they can improve.

Needs more date customization

Being able to schedule a year’s worth of social media posts in just a couple of minutes is awesome, but I think it’s a weakness that there’s no ability to ADD more dates to your campaign. While this would be fine for most regular evergreen content, having the ability to customize dates would be awesome around the holidays. There are some items you can really only push for a short amount of time each year, and for those, the ability to choose specific dates to publish would be amazing.

Needs more data

I’ve got to be honest and say that I’m not really a data person, but I know that many of you are, so being able to see exactly where and when those social media clicks are occurring is essential. If they can track that clicks are occurring, it stands to reason that they should, at a minimum, be able to tell you on what network and at what day and time they’re happening. And, if they can do that, perhaps they can automate posting even further so that posts are scheduled for times where you receive optimum engagement.


How Much Does Missinglettr Cost?

How much does MissingLettr cost?

If you were waiting for me to come at you with a crazy price, I’m happy to tell you that Missinglettr actually has a FREE plan! (It’s happy dance time!)

Under the Missinglettr free plan, you can link one site and get two new campaigns each month. The downside is that you can only hook up one social profile. While that may be limiting, the free plan is a great way of checking out whether or not Missinglettr is something you will really use before you commit to paying more. (I should add automated social media scheduling to my instructions for how you can blog for free!)

If you outgrow the free plan, then the personal plan is just $15 per month and allows you to post four new campaigns each week to four different social profiles. This is probably more than enough for most of you, but if not, the business plan, at $40 per month, is always an option.

Currently, AppSumo is offering LIFETIME access to MissingLettr for $49.

MissingLettr Appsumo deal

Basically, for a one-time payment of $49 you’ll get lifetime access to a plan that’s comparable to their current business plan, which costs $40 per month! The AppSumo deal will be available until February 6 or so. My recommendation is to sign up for MissingLettr’s FREE trial. Then, if you like it, grab the lifetime offer from AppSumo. (This deal from AppSumo is the same one I took advantage of last year. I still consider it a great investment!)

Is Missinglettr REALLY a good CoSchedule Alternative?

CoSchedule, and especially CoSchedule Requeue, is a really robust platform with all of the social media marketing automation tools you could ever want. But, it also comes with a price tag that makes it prohibitive for most bloggers. Missinglettr doesn’t quite have all of the same capabilities, but at the rate they’re growing and adding functionality, I have no doubt that they’re going to offer many of the same features in the near future.

Expensive bells and whistles aside, Missinglettr is tops when it comes to planning out social media campaigns for your blog posts for an entire year in advance. It’s so easy to use that you can literally plan out your content in five minutes or less. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that some of Missinglettr’s tools are actually easier to use than CoSchedule! For instance, CoSchedule gives you the option of uploading custom images to your social media posts, but doing so is rather clunky. Missinglettr makes it simple to upload a new image for every single social share. It’s literally a one-click operation.

I love Missinglettr and honestly think its the best CoSchedule alternative I’ve found in the past year that I’ve been looking for a tool to help with social media automation. It works well now and the sky is the limit in terms of functionality they may add in the future.

Click here to try this social media scheduler out for free. (No credit card necessary!)

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