Pinfinite Growth Review: AKA How to Be a Pinterest Superstar

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How to be a Pinterest Superstar: Read our Pinfinite Growth review to find out how this system will start bringing mega traffic to your blog | Oh, She Blogs!

My husband is an attorney and one of the things he has to do to maintain his law license is take a few hours of continuing education courses each year. Since I left my day job to become a full-time blogger I have taken the same approach. I’ve attended conferences in the past but didn’t love the information that was presented so I’ve since switched to reading ebooks and paying for the occasional online course. I spend a lot of time researching classes before I’m willing to plunk down my hard-earned dollars and will spend months thinking about whether or not a course is worth the expense but when I kept coming across positive Pinfinite Growth review after positive Pinfinite Growth review, I knew this was one I had to take.

I registered for Pinterest back when it was by invitation only and I now regret the fact that it took me so many years to get serious about the site. If I’d put any effort into it maybe I’d be one of those users with 1,000,000+ followers! Alas, until the end of 2015 I got plenty of traffic from Pinterest but it certainly wasn’t because of any effort I was putting into the site. I decided to purchase Pinfinite Growth because it seemed like the perfect introduction to *finally* buckling down and getting serious about Pinterest.

My intuition served me well, too. Pinfinite Growth is amazing. Read on for my full Pinfinite Growth review.

Pinfinite Growth Review: AKA How to Be a Pinterest Superstar

Pinfinite Growth Review: Why this course is a must-have for bloggers interested in getting serious about Pinterest | Oh, She Blogs!

How much does Pinfinite Growth Cost?

If this were my main blog I would never start a review with the cost of the item, but this is one time I don’t want to bury the cost. I believe in being open and honest and there’s no way to sugarcoat that Pinfinite Growth is not cheap. In fact, I’d say it’s downright expensive.

Pinfinite Growth costs $397.

I know. I was ready to faint when I saw the price, too.

The great reviews I read convinced me that the course was worthwhile and I now fully agree. Pinfinite Growth taught me to rethink how I was using Pinterest and the course is full of techniques to help make you an expert pinner. It was just the Pinterest “reset” button I needed.

If you’re still ready to pass out from the $397 price tag, consider this: If you make income from your blog that you file taxes on (and those taxes are HIGH for freelancers!), classes like this may count as a tax deduction. I know I claimed it on my own taxes as a continuing education expense this year. I don’t want to give out tax advice because that is certainly not my forté, but it’s something to consider.


How Pinfinite Growth has Changed How I Use Pinterest

As I said above, I was an early user of Pinterest but I somehow managed to completely ignore the platform for years. (This is, by far, one of my biggest blogging regrets.) Of course that all changed once I started getting some of that glorious Pinterest traffic to my blog! I watched my Pinterest traffic increase until it suddenly dawned on me (quite belatedly) that perhaps there were steps I could take to capitalize on the organic traffic I was receiving. The only problem, of course, was that I didn’t know how to do this.

That’s when I began looking for a course or ebook that could teach me the ins-and-outs of Pinterest. I found Pinfinite Growth when someone in a blogging-based Facebook group kept raving about the program to the point that I couldn’t help but look into it further. I liked what I saw but I didn’t like the price tag so I bookmarked the site and moved on. I couldn’t ignore it, however, when I kept running into more and more people preaching about the wonders of the course and how it had turned around their entire Pinterest philosophy.

At that point, I knew I had to suck it up, pay the fee and take the course.

You never know what you’re going to get with an online course but one of the many things I immediately liked about Pinfinite Growth is that it’s broken down into manageable sections so you can “work” on the course for only a few minutes each day. Each section of the course is video-oriented (and Melyssa Griffin, the founder, is very personable) so you can even have it on while you’re making dinner if you wanted. Most videos are 5-20 minutes in length and just long enough to get the point across but short enough that you won’t become bored.

One of the first of many Pinterest revelations I had while using this program is that the items I’m pinning should be tailored to my audience… and not to myself. This is actually the thing that has held me up and stunted my Pinterest growth for all of these years. Everything I pinned to Pinterest was something I personally wanted to remember or do. I pinned a lot of avocado and chocolate recipes. I occasionally shared some of the things I wrote. I’d say I probably pinned one of my own items for every 1,000 items I was pinning. Yikes.

Basically, my Pinterest account was a black hole that was better suited for my Evernote account… and not as a public space representing my blog.

Thanks to the techniques taught in Pinfinite Growth I quickly revamped how I thought about and used Pinterest so that I think my account is now a better representation of my blog and also contains items my readers might want to see and/or search for on the site, and I’m pinning (and repinning) far more of the posts from my site.

By the way, I still pin an abnormal amount of avocado and chocolate recipes… I just keep them on a secret board. 😜


BoardBooster vs. Tailwind

It wasn’t until I took Pinfinite Growth that I learned about looping pins as a way of getting more eyeballs on them. I thought that it was rude to pin anything more than once, so I’d pin something and hope that someone would see it one day. Needless to say, this isn’t the right way to go about using Pinterest. In fact, it’s absolutely the wrong way to use Pinterest if you want to use the tool to bring traffic to your blog.

In the course, Melyssa explains how to correctly use Pinterest to maximize exposure to your blog, and part of correctly using Pinterest is to make sure that you have a frequent pinning schedule AND that your own pins are constantly being pinned.

Obviously, we all want to be on the receiving end of the Pinterest traffic train, but to yield high traffic levels you have to be willing to put in some work yourself. You can’t just expect that it will come to you.

Melyssa highly recommends BoardBooster as a way to maximize your pinning without increasing the amount of time you spend on the site and she and spends a section of Pinfinite Growth discussing how to best put Board Booster to work for you. The course even comes with 100 free days of BoardBooster so you can see what it is all about.

Truthfully: I love Board Booster. Thanks to Melyssa’s tips and tricks I saw an instant increase in traffic.

BUT… I am always willing to try something new and I tried Tailwind at a friend’s insistence and I now love Tailwind more.

Board Booster vs. Tailwind is a big debate and I’d say they’re both great, but Tailwind just works better for me. And, for any of you that are analytics-obsessed, the analytics in Tailwind simply can’t be beat. The thing is, it’s only because of Pinfinite Growth that I’m able to fully put Tailwind to work for me. Even though I’m not currently using BoardBooster, the lessons in Pinfinite Growth still hold true.

If you’re considering checking out Tailwind, be sure to read our introduction to Tailwind, which will show you everything you need to know to get your account set up correctly so you can start pinning immediately!


Bonus Materials

There’s a lot of content included in Pinfinite Growth that I don’t have time to cover, but I do want to mention that the course also comes with a bevy of extra items… and it’s being updated constantly! This is awesome because yes, Pinfinite Growth is definitely an investment, but it’s one you can keep returning to time and again. In addition to Q&A sessions, a Pinfinite Growth Workbook, Pinterest image templates, and more are included with the course.


30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

I like entrepreneurs who put their money where their mouth is and Melyssa is doing just that by offering a 30-day moneyback guarantee. If you follow the course to a T but don’t see any improvement within 30 days you will be eligible for a refund.



I’m not afraid to purchase online courses to further my blogging education – in fact, I think all bloggers should do more of this – but I am usually averse to paying $300+ for one course. That said, Pinfinite Growth made it easy for me to learn everything I need to know about Pinterest so that I can keep growing my account and sending traffic to my website. While I don’t have the biggest following (just over 13k at the time I’m writing this), the amount of traffic I receive from the site continues to grow, as do my numbers of repins and likes. My main takeaway from the course is that it’s not always about followers, but it is about getting your product in front of eyeballs that may lead to conversions.

Pinfinite Growth helped me decipher Pinterest and grow my traffic in an easy-to-understand way that only takes about an hour of work for me each week, and for that I highly recommend the course.


Click here to check out Pinfinite Growth.

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