What to do if Pinterest Marks Your Site as Spam

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What to do if Pinterest marks your site as spam | Oh, She Blogs!

A couple of weeks ago I woke up to a rude surprise: Another blogger had emailed me to let me know that all of my posts on Pinterest were being marked as spam.

Pinterest marked my blog as spam

I quickly logged onto Pinterest to verify that this was the case, did a little bit of hyperventilating, and then sent an email to the blogger profusely thanking her for reaching out to me because I never click on my own Pinterest links so who knows when I would have figured this out on my own. (I probably would have figured it out the next time I looked at my site stats, but I long ago gave up looking at stats on a daily or even weekly basis.)

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers with blocked links lately, so if you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s what to do if Pinterest marks your site as spam.

First things first, I thanked the blogger for the heads up.

Then, I immediately reached out to Pinterest via their contact form. Granted, Pinterest does not make it easy to find said form, so here you go: Pinterest Contact Form.

This is the message I sent to Pinterest via the contact form (feel free to use it yourself if you like):


Someone contacted me today to let me know that Pinterest has marked all links coming from my site as spam. I link direct to my webpage, http://OhSheblogs.com. I don’t even have ads on my website! My website is for bloggers who want to learn more about blogging and there is NO spam on the site. How can I get this block removed???

Here is a pin where it is happening, but it is happening on all of my pins:https://www.pinterest.com/offsite/?token=999-951&url=http%3A%2F%2Fohsheblogs.com%2Ffree-stock-images-for-your-blog%2F&pin=217228382005720063
Thank you,
Lisa Koivu

I received an automated response from Pinterest saying the following:

Hi Lisa,

We block links if we think they might be spammy or unsafe. To make sure a link doesn’t get blocked:
– Check that the link goes directly to the website, not through a URL shortener (like bit.ly) or redirector
– Pin with our official Pin It button http://about.pinterest.com/goodies/

In some cases, we block a website completely. If you think we made a mistake, just write back with:
– A link to your website or blog
– A link to a pin that’s showing you the block error

The Pinterest Team


Since they asked for the same information I had already sent them, I immediately resent my original email again.

Within two hours of my follow-up they had removed the block and responded with the following message:

Hi Lisa,

I’m sorry about that! This was a mistake on our side. I reviewed and removed your website from our blacklist.

Occasionally good websites get caught in the mix when we’re looking for spammy sites. This shouldn’t happen again, however, please let us know if it does.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Don’t panic if Pinterest marks your site as spam

I have to admit I was a little furious and a whole lot worried when Pinterest blocked my site for being spammy, but overall the problem was fixed within about three hours of when I contacted them.

Please note that this may or may not be their normal response time, as it may depend on the day of the week. I’ve seen some people say that it has taken up to a week for Pinterest to unblock their sites, and when that happens they contact Pinterest on a daily basis with the same message.

Regardless, if Pinterest marks your site as spam, don’t panic! Reach out to Pinterest immediately, explain the situation and hope that they reverse course ASAP.

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