Forget WordPress: 3 Alternatives You Need to Jump On

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While it may sometimes feel as though WordPress is the only blogging platform, there are plenty of WordPress alternatives that you may want to consider before starting your blog. Here’s a quick rundown of three of the best WordPress alternatives.

Wordpress Alternatives: 3 Other Blogging Platforms to Consider - Oh, She Blogs!

If you are thinking about blogging or creating a website, odds are, you will choose WordPress. However, as the most commonly used blogging and website platform, WordPress can be over-rated, and give talented bloggers a narrow path to success. Why do I say that? Well, if only bloggers or businesses didn’t immediately jump on the WordPress bandwagon, they would see what other amazing platforms are out there! We aren’t digging WordPress a grave, we are just saying that new and bright digital entrepreneurs might want to consider WordPress alternatives before finalizing their platform choice. It is the digital age, and there are constantly new and improved forms of everything.

Before jumping into potential WordPress alternatives, here are some things you should consider:

Choosing the Best Blogging and Website Platform—What to Look For

Before starting your platform, it’s important to know what to choose which one best fits your needs. So let us help you find what kind of platform you’re looking for!

First, you always want to choose a platform that is easy to set up. You don’t want to spend all your time trying to figure out how to set it up because, by the time you know what you’re doing, you’re too exhausted to blog or design.

Next, think about what kind of blog or website you want to create, the theme, the style, and the audience you want to attract. It’s also important to think about what you would want your platform to be in the future. This will help for when you want to change the style or add more features when you gain a larger audience. That is why it’s important to choose a platform that is flexible and doesn’t add a lot of fees to grow. Choosing the wrong platform will make it harder to switch later on.

Lastly, if you plan to make money blogging one day, or hosting it yourself, it is smart to ensure you have it set up to do so in the future.

Why Not WordPress?

WordPress is easily the popular choice among bloggers and business owners, mainly because it has been there from the beginning. Now there are many other platforms available, some of which offer easier ways to manage the system and the latest design trends. WordPress can be extremely difficult, especially for beginners. Its complex set-up and design makes it hard for individuals to fully customize what they want because it’s hard for them to understand the software. It can take some people weeks to fully understand how to use WordPress well.

3 WordPress Alternatives

With technology advancing more and more every year, there have been many blogging and website platforms popping up that can offer more than WordPress. Let’s take a look at three of the best WordPress alternatives:


One of the best things about Blogger, Google’s blogging platform, is that it is FREE! Although WordPress is technically free, it’s only free for the most basic and non-customizable platform if you choose to host with WordPress, otherwise, you will also have to pay hosting fees. Blogger is perfect for beginners and mainly for blog advocates. If you are looking to start up a website, Blogger is a great option. If you own a business, you can easily attach your blog to your website for customers to visit. Many users of this platform love the easy-to-use software that doesn’t require any advanced technical skills.

Blogger is our pick if you want to set up a new start a blog for free.



Wix is one of the largest up-and-coming platforms for building websites. It offers an easy-to-use software for privately owned or small businesses that don’t have much experience with website design and can’t afford to outsource it. Wix also has a blog feature that is easy to attach to a website. Wix is more manageable and customizable than WordPress, and more suited for beginners.



The easiest platform for using drag-and-drop tools is Weebly. They have made it simple and affordable for all new bloggers and businesses. Their free plan comes with almost three times as many ready-to-use themes and layout designs for you to use. Also, Weebly is a hosted platform, so you get your website, and web host all in one package, which is great for small businesses.


A Final Word

Blogger, Wix, and Weebly are the top choices for blogging and website platforms, but there are many other options on the market. These platforms offer superior user-interface, branding and theme options, and design flexibility and templates for businesses. They also keep customer interests in the focus by offering scalability, free usage, and enhanced security. So, for businesses and individuals looking to launch their own blog or website, the good news is that WordPress is not the only option around. There are plenty of replacements that do just as good a job WordPress, if not better. The hard part is choosing whether Blogger, Wix, or Weebly best serves your purposes.


Do Tell: Did you set up your blog on one of these WordPress alternatives, or did you choose another? Why did you choose to go this alternate route?

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