How to Get More Pinterest Followers

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8 tips for how to get more Pinterest followers | Oh, She Blogs!

Pinterest is an online bookmarking tool that allows people to create virtual pin boards of the content that they find online. If you browse someone’s Pinterest boards, you might find such things as recipes and crafts they’d love to try, their favorite motivational quotes, health and fitness tips, books that they want to read, things that they find cute or entertaining, fashion and design that makes them salivate, travel destinations, and much more. It is a place where people can gather and organize all of those amazing bits of content they come across the internet.

If you are a business owner, a blogger, or any other type of online content creator, you MUST invest time in creating and managing a Pinterest profile. Many bloggers list Pinterest as one of the top traffer referrers to their sites. You don’t want to miss out on that traffic, do you? Let me put it this way: More traffic = more money. You can probably skip some social media sites. Pinterest is not one of them.

Here are some tips on how you can grow your following on Pinterest to leverage it for your brand.

How to Get More Pinterest Followers

Create Stunning Images

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Emphasis on visual. As you may know, humans are visual creatures. When it comes to online content, audiovisual content such as images and videos are king. Pinterest enables you to capitalize on that. The biggest thing that you can do to get more Pinterest followers is to give them something to look at that makes them want to engage (for instance, likes, comments,  or repins). When creating images, you want to make sure they are high quality. Whether you use original photography, stock photos, or create graphics, you want them to look good enough to pin and share.

Give Value

In addition to images that look good, you also want to be sure that the content you share on Pinterest provides value to your target audience. Your content should always do one or more of the following: instruct, motivate, inspire, engage, or entertain. If it doesn’t add value, there is no incentive for people to click on it.

Use Keywords

As I mentioned before, Pinterest is a visual search engine. This means that your content should be search engine optimized so that the people who actively want to engage with your content can actually find it. To maximize the chances of your content being found by the right people, you want to use keywords in your boards and your image descriptions.

Repin Images

To get the most out of Pinterest, you can’t just set up your profile, pin your own content, and walk away. You should actually use it! Take time each week to pin content that you find online that showcases your interests and personality as well as content that you think your target audience would find interesting. For example, if you are a food blogger, you might have a board dedicated to your dream kitchen where you pin things like kitchen designs and kitchen tools/appliance that you love. That not only increases the chances of people finding your profile – it also gives them more of a reason to hang around and follow you.

Follow Other Pinners

In the same vein, you should take time to follow other Pinners. Not only because it will give you ample opportunity to curate content, but because part of social media etiquette is to follow people who follow you. Not all of them will. That’s fine. Perhaps they are not your ideal audience. However, many of them will. If your Pinterest content is engaging, they may also pin your content to their boards – which opens your content up to anyone that is following them.

Link to Facebook and Twitter

Pinterest allows you to link your Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter. This enables you to share your Pinterest activity on two other huge social media platforms. That way, people who follow you on those platforms can check out what you are up to on Pinterest. If they like what they see, you might gain more followers.

Add ‘Pin It” Features to Your Blog

If you have a blog or website, you should also check out widgets and extensions that add Pinterest share buttons to your website as well as a Pin It option on your images. This allows your readers to not only find you on Pinterest, but to share your content on their boards.



If you’re doing all of these things already but are still looking for more ways to get more Pinterest followers, then I encourage you to check out Pinfinite Growth. This online course, by Melyssa Griffin, will whip you into Pinterest shape in no time at all! Read my Pinfinite Growth Review for more details.


Do Tell: What other ways do you use to get more Pinterest followers?

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