Is Vero a Viable Instagram Alternative?

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I think we can all agree that Instagram is the current queen of social media. Now and again, though, new platforms pop up to challenge them. Vero is the newest Instagram alternative. We don’t know if they’re here to stay, but with 3 million users, it might be worth checking out the platform.

Is Vero a Viable Instagram Alternative? | Oh, She Blogs!

The pre-eminence of Instagram as the best online photo-sharing platform is unquestioned, yet in the past few weeks, we have seen the sudden explosive growth of a possible Instagram alternative – Vero – appear on the social media scene. You might assume that such a competitor would be a brand new and innovative contender that had won the support of the masses with new features. In actuality, Vero has been around for three years with a relatively static user base of 150,000.

But that all changed in one week.

Vero recently saw their membership explode by 1900% – yes, you read that correctly – as Vero inexplicably topped US App Store Charts hitting the 3 MILLION figure in a matter of days.

This begs the question, what caused this almost frenzied adoption of an Instagram alternative?

Why did Vero grow so quickly?

Vero chat

As can be expected, the remarkable adoption of Vero is of course linked to moves by Instagram themselves. It would appear that the decision on the part of Instagram to introduce new algorithms to determine whose newsfeed your post appears on and the order in which your posts appear, has prompted this mass exploration of Vero.

Why is Instagram’s algorithm a big deal? Well, not only does this take the control away from the user to develop the progression of their online portfolio themselves, but it also severely limits the number of people who will be exposed to each post. By only exposing them to the followers that the app deems most relevant, Instagram is effectively cutting the exposure of each post to around 15 percent of a user’s following. For social influencers and businesses especially, this is significant as it drastically limits the usefulness of Instagram as a social media marketing tool.


What’s new about Vero?

Creating a new post with Vero

As I mentioned at the start of this article, one might assume that innovation would be the characteristic that finally allowed an Instagram competitor a chance to grow. However, in light of the adoption of algorithms by Instagram, it would appear that conservatism over revolution is the key to Vero’s success.

On the whole, a user will find Vero almost interchangeable with Instagram. Vero boasts many of the same features allowing you to edit and post photos, use filters and follow other users.

Vero stream

That’s not to say that it doesn’t have some distinctive features. Unlike Instagram, Vero allows you to sort your followers into categories (close friends, friends, acquaintances and followers), post links to music, books, TV that you have enjoyed, and share your live location.

It’s championing point though, in terms of its sudden attraction for former-Instagrammers, is the site’s promise never to use ads in the feed, or algorithms, so your data and your posts are entirely in your control.


Is Vero free?

Part of the reason Vero had their growth explosion is that the platform offered free membership for life for their first million subscribers. They got those subscribers so quickly, though, that the platform was basically unusable. As a result, the Veri is free – at least for now. They say they will be switching to a subscription model soon, though, so if you want to check out this Instagram alternative, we recommend doing so while it’s still free.


Is Vero better than Instagram?

Is Vero a good Instagram Alternative?

The differences between Very and Instagram may seem minor but here are the key points to note about them:

Lack of algorithms

I have touched on this point above, but it’s worth mentioning again because it is so important in the world of social media marketing. Vero’s promise to abstain from using algorithms means that you have complete control over how you want to post your work, whilst ensuring that ALL your followers will have the chance to see it.

Choosing your audience

Having the option to post photos to friends, acquaintances etc. is a neat feature that can allow you to run different PR angles all from the same account.

Links to in-app sales

This truly is an innovation. Vero allows you to post links under your posts to an in-app purchases platform that enables your followers to buy the product you are advertising in your photo (be aware that they will take a percentage cut of this). A neat marketing to sales opportunity in all one place.

In short, Vero is filling the needs of disgruntled Instagram users by offering them a service where autonomy over their posts is protected, not gradually ground down over time. As for whether or not Vero is better than Instagram, only time will tell as the platform expands.


Is it worth joining the Instagram exodus?

There’s certainly a chance that Vero will be nothing more than a blip in Instagram’s inevitable expansion. Yet, it is worth bearing in mind that even if this is the apps’ fate, it currently has a membership of over 3 million users (95 percent of which are new users and therefore actively exploring members). You may not want to miss this opportunity. If you are looking to market yourself as an influencer, then you will hardly find a better chance than this. As the app is currently free to download, there’s certainly no harm in exploring it as an option!

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